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I'm a bit P.O.ed over this.....

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I get these annoying emails because I've ordered stuff from the babyoutlet.com before, and usually I delete on sight. This one popped up and I clicked read before I knew what it was. I couldn't believe it when I saw 'declaw cat' as part of a 'to do list' to get ready for having a baby!!!

I emailed them back with my displeasure and told them I never wanted to hear from them again. I'm so appalled at this. How many people get this email and think that's a good idea!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

You're receiving this message because you've opted-in to receive offers from TheBabyOutlet.com and its partners.

Brought to you by Women & Co.

Use this handy checklist to make sure your household is child-ready.

1. Block all electrical outlets.
2. Keep stain remover handy.
3. Declaw cat.
4. Plan a solid financial future for yourself and your child.

As a new parent, you have a million decisions to make, from choosing a
name to buying a car seat. So when it comes to complicated,
time-consuming financial decisions, it's tempting to avoid making them

That's where Women and Company1 comes in.
Women and Company provides one-stop access to a network of financial
services and professionals geared to your needs. We provide clear,
concise information about your financial options so you can develop a
proactive financial strategy for you and your child.2

Members receive:
* Access to their own financial professionals2
* Discounts on childcare centers, mortgages, and student loans3
* A Toll-Free Answerline4 for all your financial questions
(e.g., college funding)
* Online and offline financial planning tools4

1. To get this and more, click here .
or call 1-888-679-9225 to sign-up. Join today and receive a FREE
Georgette Klinger Essential 9-step Facial. ($85 Value. Enter PromoCode
GK6 to receive your gift.) Offer expires 05/10/02.

Women & Co.: We can help you change everything but the diapers.
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That is horrible! Especially considering all the things that they left off the list. (I don't have kids, but have been with my friends as they prepared for the arrival.) And to think about how many expectant mothers will read that and think it is the gospel truth.
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OMG!! I can't believe they do this!! Yeah declaw kitty.... and maybe you'll end up cleaning cat poop off the floor becasue the poor thing can't use its litter aswel as changing your baby's diapers!! AP, do you have and email addy for these people?? I'd like to send them a little something....
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Colby, can you send me their email addy as well?? I'd love to drop them a note as well.
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Same here, I'd like to say a few words as well...
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Add me to that list!
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this is the email address that it came from (I copied and pasted from it directly)

TheBabyOutlet.com replies9442@list.maildart.net

here is the website, I'm going to go see if there is a place for 'feedback' because I would like them to know what I think

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How horrible !

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I just mailed them a compaint; I hope you'll all join me. I had four babies. My cats never even tried to get in the crib! This is ridiculous.
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My email to them has just been sent, I wonder if it will even get read...
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Thats crazy!!! And declawing you cat is suppossed to be one of the top things on your list!?!? I think they left out all of the important things. This just sends the wrong message to people who are expecting a baby. Then people are going to go around thinking that its ok! Thats pretty sad if they can't just teach their cat not to scratch.
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I think the only thing they consider "important" is joining their service--that's what the message is really about. (And what's with the free facial?! Does anyone else find that a little offensive? "Here's how we'll get women to sign up for our service--we'll tell them that we can help them get their finances in order to protect their children. And if that doesn't work, we'll throw in a facial! They can't resist a facial!")
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I sent an email too. Hopefully they will get bombarded with enough emails from us and others that they will THINK before sending out stupid statements.
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Sent an email as well!!!!!

Thanks AP!

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I remember I would look at any book or magazine I could when I found out I was pregnant. Going over that to do list many many many times was something I did, and I must say I did find "declaw cat" a very common thing, very unfortunate too, the thought of declawing my cats because a baby was coming was silly, and it would never happen.
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That is really awful
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Sent an email as well...hopefully this will knock some sense into these people!
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This really infuriates me!!!
Thanks for bring ing it to our attention, Colby!!!

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent them.......

I can't believe you would add "declawing your cat" to the list of things to do before your baby arrives!!!!

Do you have any idea how horrible it is to have a cat declawed?? They have to break the bone at the knuckles just to declaw them. it is a horrible thing to do and not necessary at all for preparing for a new baby!!!

I am pregnant, and have a cat, and am not worried at all that the cat will sctratch the baby. I plan to keep a close eye on my baby, as all new mothers should. No sense in torturing the cat instead.

I hope you will remove this from your list!!!!!

Sincerely, Debby
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