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Ready to Commit Kittycide!

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Georgia has being SOOO bad lately! She had been very naughty as a small kitten, but as she got older, she got better. I have 1 mini rose bush that I brought in the house last night so it would'nt get cold. I set it on my kitchen counter, came back a few minutes later and she was digging like mad. I got the poor thing back in the pot mostly intact and set it where I thought she couldn't get it, on my windowsill with the blind in front of it. I came home a few minutes ago and she had knocked it into the sink and had the plant on the floor batting it around. Now I have a dead plant, a sink full of mud, and a totally unrepetnant kitty. She keeps looking at me like "what's wrong with you, b**ch!" I am about ready to commit kittycide!!!! She has also been wanting to sleep in the dish drainer, digging in the trash and just lots of charming little things. Any thoughts on why she is doing this? Nothing has changed around the house. Maybe she's just a brat.
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I laughed so hard when I read this! Granted it wouldn't be so funny if it were MY mess to clean up, but I can picture Georgia wondering what the big deal was.....
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Sounds like she's bored. Does she have a companion? I presume that you work and can't dance attendance on her. Mentally and emotionally, cats are comparable to 3-year-old children. Therefor, she is, probably, acting out to get your attention.
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Personally, I don't have houseplants, my cats go in the garbage if I put anything that smells interesting in there, and they like to sleep in all kinds of places that I don't necessarily want them. They esp. like the sinks and countertops if it's hot out, something about the cool surfaces I guess.

I think a companion sounds like a good idea. Maybe she'd like a kitten of her own!

Or you can try leaving on the tv or radio for noise, enriching her environment with interesting cat toys, confining her to one or two rooms (close doors) so she has less opportunity to get into things. I did notice with my boys, that they were really active as kittens and calmed down, then they got hyper again as adolescent cats, just like regular teenagers do, and they calmed down again (neutering helped blackie, and will help the others too I'm sure). Also, their moods seem to change with food and weather.

It is funny, even if it's also annoying. She loves you, she's not doing it to bug you.
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She has 3 other cats to play with and I am home most of the time. I live right behind my job and they come get me if they need me. They have a basket full of toys which get rotated weekly. 2 of the other cats like to watch tv so it is on all the time. I just can't imagine what her problem is. I guess she's just being a cat. I have to admit, once the mess was cleaned up, it was kinda funny. I guess the plants will stay outside on the porch.
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:laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 He looks like my Leo. Handsome fellow, isn't he?
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Ok seriously, I would get a planter and plant some cat grass for her. Put the container into a larger plastic bin so when she starts digging the mess will be contained. Give her other things to distract her like empty boxes, toilet paper rolls that are empty, throw down an empty egg carton, anything she can play with. Georgia is spayed isn't she? If not, she should be, that will help as well. Good luck
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We have planted catnip, in a 2' long planter box. As soon as it is big enough, we'll move it into the Arizona room, for Opie. That might be an option for your brat. She, obviously, like to play in the dirt. That just proves the 3-year-old mentality.
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Of course you know that anything you bring into their house is obviously for the cat. Sounds like she was playing with the wonderful new toy you were so considerate to bring home for her! :LOL:

It is that time of the year when they all get a bit more mischevious. Fresh air, spring fever, all that. At least my two are being more of a pain than usual!
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I think she might be acting like a brat since Spring has come and so has the warm weather. I've noticed my two have become more rambunctious lately.
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She isn't spayed yet, but will be soon. I just moved and didn't want to have her recovering during all that. She is strictly indoors and we have no intact males, so I felt safe waiting a little while. She has to go get her booster shots soon, she will be spayed then. Thanks for the suggestion about the cat grass. Fred escapes occasionally and goes straight for the grass, so it will be good for all of them. I came in awile ago and found that she had thrown up a hairball with leaves in it, so maybe she just needed some greens.
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I think they're all being bratty since Spring is here. I have cat grass that was already grown that I bought at the food store and set it on the picture window sill for the cats since they like to hang out there in the sun. They never touched it so I moved it into the kitchen and put it on the window sill in there and since they have been trying to get it. I think it's more fun when it's in a place where they aren't supposed to be.
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your cat is soooooo cute in the drainer. cats seem to pick the strangest places to sleep. i have a $600 armoire.( it is a reproduction.) and it has doors that you open. anyway it has scratches all on the front of it, from them trying to open the doors. witch thats okay. i love my piece of furniture, but love my cats far more. i would never declaw. my family does not understand why, i would let them tear up things. furniture is replacable. love is not!!!! ANYWAY, they like to sleep in there. my cats rotate their sleeping spots. like every week they find a new one. one of them used to sleep in my daughters barbie house. it was cute.
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Has anyone looked up, into the sky? No wonder the cats are acting wacko. This is just the run-up; the FULL moon isn't until Saturday! :martian: :blubturq:
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Now the little brat is attacking Pearl. Pearl usually stays in the closet, but has been trying to come out and visit a little more lately. She came up to the "kitty chair" at the computer and Georgia smacked her and pushed her off. Of course she ran right back to hide in the closet. If Georgia was a human kid, she would be getting a good spanking!
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I'm telling you - its the moon. Opie has been running wind sprints, throughout the house and challenging Bill, for the dominant male position.
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Of course you know there is a kitty equivalent to spanking - the good ol' water bottle! Sounds like Georgia could use a squirt or two!

Hopefully she will calm down with the waning moon!
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Or isolation - sometimes if one of my boys gets a little too aggressive with the others, I stick him in the bathroom for a little while (15 minutes or so). They don't like that either, and I don't have to worry about my aim, which is very bad . . .
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Krazy Kat....I know what you mean!!! :LOL:

Merlin has been wigging out lately, just running and jumping on things he knows he isn't supposed to, and he acts like a spoiled child sometimes!!
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