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Cats and Coffee

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Milo has never liked coffee. In fact we have to watch our cups constantly as he will find the coffee cup and knock it on the floor.

We have learned this 4 or 5 times now. In fact if we are drinking a cup he will try to get us to stop by forcefully hitting the cup trying to knock it out of our hands.

He HATES coffee.

This morning, knowing that he can not stop us from drinking coffee he decided to go for the source and jumped onto the cupboard and pushed the ceramic jar that contained the ground coffee onto the floor smashing the jar to bits!

Does anybody else have a coffee problem with their cat??

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Milo sounds like a pretty smart cat. No, I never had a cat do that.
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That's adorable!! I've never had a kitty so opinionated about coffee, but that's so funny...
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WTG Milo!
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Portia likes to stick her nose in your coffee!

Maybe Milo just really hates the smell!!
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Fred loved the smell of coffee. He would smack me on the leg until I picked him up and let him sniff the cannister. He didn't want me to put it down for him, he had to be picked up. Then he would tke deep breaths like it was the most wonderful aroma ever. He would give the coffee cups kitty loves while I had it to my mouth. I had to watch him or he would smack me hard in the mouth with the cup. Silly boy!
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Actually, my cat is the opposite. She loves coffee! You have to watch your coffee cup or you'll end up with a cat drinking out of it in my house! We thought it was just the cream in the coffee, but she does it even if it's just black coffee. I'm not sure why she loves it so much.
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Luna's always been interested in the smell off coffee. She'll get a good sniff of mine in the mornings
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Karma has not really shown an interest in the coffee in a cup but she loves the coffee maker. She will sit and watch it brew and make noises. I think its because I feed her after I make coffe so she has associated the sounde of the coffee pot with food. It does not matter what time of day we make it, if she hears it she comes running. She will either sit on the floor and stare up at it or she will jump on te counter and watch it. Not once has she tried to drink it or shown any interest in it once it is out of the pot.
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Mine have never shown any interest in coffee until this morning. I used the last of a can and left it on the counter to rinse out and recycle. When I came back in the kitchen a little later, the can was on the floor, there were some coffee grounds scattered and Katie was rolling around in them like it was catnip!
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WOW - that is strange. I've never had a cat that hated ANY smell. I've had a few that disliked something but nothing where they showed . . . contempt.

Just this morning I was pouring a cup and he jumped onto the counter, took a wiff and backed up almost falling off.
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