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None here either!
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We have lots of steps in our families.

I have 1 real bro, 1 real sis, 1 step bro, 1 step sis, 1 half bro, and now with 2nd step mom I have more steps though I've never met them!

Hubby has 1 half sis, about 8 step siblings and both a step mom and dad!
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In my family I have 3 full sisters, one older foster sister and one half sister from my dad's first marriage from when he was young(19). My mom is adopted...that's about as close as I get to step.
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I do now.... and it's not that good a thing I'm afraid. I'm not comfortable with it. I'm just glad I don't have to be with them....
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Let's see...I have a step dad, who brought along 2 step-brothers and 2 step-sisters for me. And my Dad divorced my step-mother my senior year of HS and I had 2 more step-brothers from their marriage. Now my aunt's husband has me confued. I grew up with her first husband as my Uncle. Then they divorced and she re-married a man who I'm not so crazy about. I'm not so sure if I should call him my step-uncle or not, but that's what he feels like. So I just call him by his given name! DH's parents also divorced so he has a step-father and three step-brothers plus their wives and children. His dad is currently single.

Both sets of my Grandparents are still living. (Praise God! I love them all so much!) Yesterday was my mother's parent's 61st anniversary! And in about 10 days will be my dad's parent's 61st anniversary! I think that is just the most awesome thing!

DH's mom had a step-father who was the only dad she ever knew (her dad was killed in WWII) and older step siblings. I'm not sure how many.
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Well my dads mum was married twice Susie so i guess that means i had a step-grandad,
tho sadly i never met any of them as they died before i was born
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