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Loving Sisters

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Bella and Cinders are now 7 months old and it's so nice to see that they still like to share their bed

Look at us

Bella, does my breath smell?

I love you Bella!

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Awwwwwww My goodness their so sweet!, and look at those eyes!
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What beautiful girls! They look so sweet together. I love their fancy cat seat!
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They're precious!
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So cute I love their little faces, not to squished, just right
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Beautiful kits!
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Gorgeous girls!
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Great pictures of your gorgeous girls!

It's amazing how they manage to squeeze onto one radiator hammock, isn't it?!! Willow keeps trying to share Tibby's!!
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aaaaaaahhhh Brit Shorthairs!!!
where dya stay?? I'm comin to steal them!!
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They are adorable!
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Beautiful sisters with gorgeous eyes.
Nice pictures.
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LOOK at those FACES!!! PRICELESS!!! I am in LOVE!
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That third pic has such a cute pose!
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Oh my gosh that is cute.

I LOVE the look on Cinder's face in that first shot!

too sweet!
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