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Our 6 month old male, Tobey, wheezes when he's lying down. He seems fine when he's playing, still has lots of energy, and doesn't really seem uncomfortable. Our vet said to just keep an eye on it, b/c it could possibly be feline asthma. Any thoughts?
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My Welligton has wheezed since I found him, and he has just been diagnosed with asthma. It can be mild or serious, but if you can get one done, a chest Xray should show whether there is any abnormality in hte bronchial tubes. Wellington is now on prednisone, a steroid thatr works for asthma, and he does seem to be wheezing less. WIth him it is usually at night, or when he is resting, that I hear it, but apart from that he is a normal cat. I have also stopped using any air fresheners or sprays as they can aggravate it.
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Rocky's symptoms start with a cough, and one time had an asthma attack- I noticed he was panting and rushed him off to the vet's office. One thing to look for is to see if your kitties gums are paler than normal, that tells you if he has enough oxygen.
Ever since then, if he is coughing and it continues he goes to the vet for a steriod shot. We are going to start giving him prednisone pills the next time his asthma symptoms kick up again to see if we do it without dragging him to the vet. (vet's advice BTW) He has had them in the past for his URI symtoms. Another sign he isn't well is that he will vomit as well.
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