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merrowling more often

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For the past month or so Monty has been extra vocal and it has slowly been increasing with time. It used to be that he was just vocal when he wanted food or attention, but lately he will merrowl for an extended period of time as if he were in heat just walking around. He also merrowls right before he gets in the cat box and in the middle of the night and when I'm on the phone. It's the strangest thing and the pitch fluctuates up and down, it is as if he is calling. He doesn't sound like he is in pain.

Also, after a vet visit on Saturday he tried to mate with Bootsie (they're both fixed). The vet treated them both for worms (even though he tested negative ??) because I found a live one on his bum but now it is 2 days later and he's still merrowling. What's going on?
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Hmmm, interesting for sure..

a couple of questions?

-did the vet do a full checkup including blood work
and how old is Monty?
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Monty had a check-up 3 weeks ago and was declared to be one of the healthiest kittens they had seen. Although, this vet didn't do much in my opinion and I don't really trust his analysis. The vet I went to last week recommended not doing a check-up because it would cost extra and they were pretty sure that since there was a worm, that was probably the problem.

Monty had bloodwork done 4 months ago when he was neutered. The results showed everything normal.

Monty is 9 months old.

It's just strange the way he's been acting. His announcing when he's going to use the cat box (the longer merrowls) has got me worried. The merrowling in the middle of the night has got me losing sleep.

edit: I forgot to mention that yesterday I found some pinkish discharge near their eyes. And Monty seems to have some congestion as I can hear him breathing in the other room.
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