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I guess my brother found the sushi doggie bag first...hey why is it a "doggie bag" anyway...they can't find their way in here, it takes stealthy cat skills!
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Hey where is my tuna?
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I told Meowmy not to hide the fish in here!
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Uhh... Is that a "101 Recipes for Cat" book in your hand? Gulp.

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Well, they weren't kidding when they said they needed to go shopping...slim pickin's here. Sheesh!!!!
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what is with the mayonaise their should be cat food in here!!
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Where's the beef?
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Oh God, the cat's in the fridge! Another cat lost to a nosy neighbor with the humane society on speed-dial...
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Hummm...No litter.....Never mind....can't wait anylonger.
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I have a simular pic...my sister's cat, she also gets in the frigde, and the freezer.
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wheres the salmon mummy?
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This isn't what it looks like... I wasn't smuggling tuna from the pantry! I was... um... hmm... playing hide & seek.
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Just slide that lasanga right here (opens mouth)
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The light really does go off when you shut the door!
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im not too sure this is a good idea...
are you sure the human would like this surprise?
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mommy wheres the fresh tuna?
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Uhm. a little help here??
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No! I'm not coming out until you fix the AC!
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Why won't you close the door?!? I just want to know if the light goes off when you close the door.
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"I think maybe this hotel is OVER rated!"
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would you like fries with that?
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I would like ice cream please.
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I thought I saw tuna in here before...
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What in Dills pickles are you looking at?
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I knew you had furry stuff growing in your fridge - but THIS is ridiculous!
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I told you I was a cool cat!
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It is really cold in here, but there is a lot of food


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mmmmm honey kitten! My favorite!
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Now how do I get that clear stuff off those black bowls.......

I can see the food but I can't get to it - darn clear film stuff!
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But I heard you say dinner time?!
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