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Caption This #0938  

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Picture by SimmyandNunny
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Maybe I should have more roughage in my diet.
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Why is the toilet paper in the tub!!!
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I've seen the humans do this...
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Do I stare at you while you go? Oh yeah, I do! But at least I don't take pictures!
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Oh man.... I swear, that's the last time I try the "Jumbalaya flavored" Fancy Feast.
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who's been watching "Meet the Parents"?
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you gotta go when you gotta go
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A little privacy here please!!!!
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So now I've worked out how the toilet works, I just have to figure out the lock on the door.....
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Can't you see I'm concentrateing here!
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I hope that lid doesn't fall again
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"If I fall in again, this will be the last time I listen to that human"
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