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howling cat!

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I have a 17 year old female cat who is blind since 2/3 years. For about a year now she howls and miauws loudly if she thinks she is alone in the house or if she wakes up in the night and there is no one around. This is VERY disturbing and EXTREMEMLY noisy! It is caterwauling but she is spayed since she was s kitten so is definitely NOT on heat (and way too old).

This has gotten much worse since I lost one of my other elderly cats from illness a few weeks ago. I know she does it bcs she is scared/disoriented but it is really disturbing. Any advise?? How can I prevent this?
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What about leaving a radio playing softly where she sleeps or when she is left alone?
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We had an old kitty that was also blind and he would cry at night. We never did find the ultimate solution (he passed away last year) but here are some things that helped

as jennyranson suggested music softly playing can help

and we also put him in a room with us with his litter box and food for the night. We gave him time during the day to figure out where everything was and left him a step stool so that he could get up on the bed. This seemed to help that he could get close to us whenever he wanted and didn't feel so alone.
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Has your vet done a senior blood panel on her? My Molly started howling and it ended up being a problem with her thyroid.
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As Abbysmom said, yowling in senior cats is often a sign of medical problems. So, please take your old lady in for a check up.

My condolence on the loss of your other cat. It is so hearbreaking when one of our four-legged family members passes away.
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Have you had her hearing and eyesight checked out recently? It might be either one of those that's failing, and it's scary to her because she can't tell if anyone's there.

Could also just be that she's lonely...but if she's starting it around now, after 17 years, I would get her checked out, just in case.
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