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DVD Player

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What kind of DVD Player do you have?

The one we have now pauses and skips the DVDs like 1/2 way thru the movie, and then we have to stop the movie and start it over and use scene selection to go back to the place we were! It gets really frusterating! Its like the player gets too hot or something like that?

I know its not the DVD itself that has scratches or anything, b/c I just was trying to watch Friends Season 10 ( ) that I got for Christmas, and they are new DVDs.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really want a new one. I haven't looked @ price ranges, so I don't really know how spendy they are, or what brand to really look at. I just want something that is going to work well!

Thanks in advance!
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My only DVD players have been video game consoles, so you can guess what I'd recommend.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
My only DVD players have been video game consoles, so you can guess what I'd recommend.
Same here. They work great. And plus...You can play video games on your DVD player. I also have one for the car..It's like a portable thing. I got it for christmas, and I couldnt imagine living without it. Mostly because it keeps a 2 year old occupied for long enough to get somewhere.

*note*Anyone with kids....Get a portable DVD player for your car...It's a very nice luxury. They come with straps to hook onto your seat. It's really awesome. *end note*

Other than that..I'd console. The best way to go..and they alwys come with warrenties, where you can take it back, and get a new one for free...especially if you get it from Best Buy, and pay like a 25 dollar fee for insurance. Do it...Really. It helps.

Just my advice.
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I have a couple of Sony DVD players. I happy with them.

As far as your player is concerned. It sounds like it's dirty or something. You probably need to get it cleaned or adjusted.
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We use our Playstation for DVD's.
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My DVD player is a Magnavox. It was under $100. It works great. I don't do video games, but my brother uses his video game console to play DVDs. We had some trouble inputting DVD Easter Egg codes on his. I won't turn this into an IMO rant by commenting on the portable players for kids in the car.
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A free one that came with my mom's TiVo...

It freezes up when you pause movies for more than a few seconds...

But I also have a PowerBook and a video iPod, so I use those tools more often than my DVD player, since my TV is 8 bajillion years old and this compy has far better picture (and sound, if you hook it up to the speakers!)
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We have a Panasonic DVD player, we got it on sale at Future Shop, it works wonderfully. My bf has a PSP 2 so we could also use that if we had too.
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We have a Toshiba VCR/DVD combo. Best Buy was having them on special a couple of yrs ago. We should have got the Sony like we originally wanted. Why-We also have Toshiba TV but we cannot synch the DVD remote to the TV remote so we have two remotes. My sis and parents have the Sony DVD/VCR combo which they like.
We have been having problems with skipping DVD's too. Last night I had rented "Hustle and Flow" man it took a half and hour to watch the final 15 mintues of the movie. I looked and there are scratches on the DVD. This has happened alot lately. I'll stick a note on theDVD when I return it as I know the owner of the rental place.
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My hubby swears by Panasonic. We have 2 (1 for each TV) and one is about 7 years old. We have never had a problem with them.
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We have a Panasonic dvd player / recorder which is excellent. Aslo a very cheap one on the bedroom tv and a multi regional Toshiba.

I have found with some rental dvds and our Toshiba and Panasonic suffer the same problem. The film will break down and stop resulting in either having to skip sections, or keep re-playing in the hope that it will correct itself.

Ironically these same dvds will play fine on our really cheap player upstairs! As to why this happens is anyones guess
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Lee is a Panasonic guy too. But his mom and dad have that one right now so we use our PS2.
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I have a DVD/VCR combo from Phillips. I love Phillips (used to be Magnavox) in fact that's the only electronic brand I'll buy! As far as the gaming systems as DVD players, they're cool, but if you're not going to play video games on them also, a regular old DVD player is much cheaper
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Thanks everyone

I don't think it needs to be cleaned out (checked that out tonite) So we'll be investing in a new one - I'm sure we'll end up going with the PS2 - John plays games once in awhile, so that might just come in handy anyways! I totally forgot about being able to watch DVDs on them!
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