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What cat breed are you? new game!!

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I thought up this game earlier!!

Everyone right down there personality, then the next poster, has to say what kind of breed of cat suits your personality, Siamese etc!

then they have to write there personality down to, every poster, has to respond to all the previous posters, guessing there breed!

so poster 1, does there personality.

poster 2 writes there personality down, then write what cat breed poster 1 would be.

poster 3 writes there personality and what breed he/she thinks, poster 1 and 2 would be.

Sorry I’m rubbish at explaining!

Hers what I'm like!

I'm EXTREMELY sensitive, slightest little thing will upset me, or if I think I’ve upset someone else, I will get so upset! and have to apologise a million times!
I love a night out, but I prefer to curl up by the fire! I prefer warmth and HATE THE COLD.
I love flowers and bright colours.
I'm loyal to friends and family. I love making new friends, though I can be incredibly shy at first.
I do love my alone time, to get some rest and time to myself.

I can't think of nothing else!
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hmmmm....how 'bout a Manx? I know one (Joey) who sounds just like you! He's MY cat who deigns to adore my grandson - the other cats love the family, esp. JC!

now for me - I love to be outside; I love to see new things; food is FUN! but I am finicky; I'm friendly and affectionate and can be outgoing, sometimes. I'm 5'2" and 130lbs. and thick around the middle with tiny hands & feet (if I was an equine, I'd be a pony )
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persian kitten - all fluff and fun but very picky!

I'm very passionate, I love food but I really really love to be in warm, soft places. I can be elegant - though probably not as often as I would like to be and I have a knack for doing the most ridiculously stupid things from time to time. I love water too....
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