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sick cat Problem......

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Hi everyone..
It's been a whilke since I posted..
My cat Gorby is an old man we adopted him from a shelter 2 years ago.
He was big & fat and over the last year lost a ton of weight.
The vet said his blood count is so low he dosen't understand why he is not sick. He was tested for lukemia, had a scan for other problems and his thyroid was tested. All was ok. The dr said he felt he has some kind of cancer but he would need to do a bone marrow.
He is old and I couldn't put him through that.. They said take him home, feed him(he always wants to eat) love him and hope time is on our side..

Well, over the last week I noticed his stomache is getting bigger.. I thought it was because he was sooooo skinny it was protruding more.
Well over the last few days he looks like he swallowed a basketball. I followed him around today a noticed he can't poop at all. He tried but nothing happened. He did poop the day before yesteday. I am very worried about him. I will be taking him to the vet tomorrow.
I hope he is not in any pain now. He still wants to eat all the time and follows me to the kitchen but I think this is the beginning of the end..

Does anyone have any ideas regarding constipation? I am afraid to do anything incase it's a blockage... I guess I will have to just wait till the morning...
Thanks for reading...
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Unfortunately, I do not have advise. But, I wanted to tell you that me and my girls are sending Gorby healthy vibes.... You and Groby are in our thoughts and hearts.
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Originally Posted by ncarpi75
Unfortunately, I do not have advise. But, I wanted to tell you that me and my girls are sending Gorby healthy vibes.... You and Groby are in our thoughts and hearts.

Thank you ncarpi. I just wish I knew if he was feeling sick. He seems ok but I can't see how he is not hurting...I wish he could talk
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You must get him to a vet ASAP! It sounds like he has a buildup of fluid. Is he still eating. My guess is he is not moving around as much anymore, is he?
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Cats do not show pain. He could be in pain and you would never know it. I might have looked into an emergency vet if it was earlier in the weekend, but if you are taking him in the morning, that might be alright.
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Originally Posted by Jen
Cats do not show pain. He could be in pain and you would never know it. I might have looked into an emergency vet if it was earlier in the weekend, but if you are taking him in the morning, that might be alright.
Jen & Abby...

I do plan on being ready to take him to the vet a.s.a.p in the morning.
I would be he is uncomfortable but I don't think he is in pain because he's not sleeping or hiding. He is in the room with us and seems like himself. He is drinking and wants to eat.
It's very frustriating... I hope I can get him in the vet at 8am.
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Good luck, and please let us know how you make out!
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Good luck with this..I know I wish my cat could talk sometimes, don't they know how much easier it would be for us?

I really hope it is not the beginning of the end for Gorby..be sure to keep us posted.
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Hi everyone,

Well Gorby did have a small poop last night..It was like a rock.. He still follows me around for food. He is alert and seems his normal self in every way but I know better.
I think he is so conditioned to cry & beg for food he would do that no matter what.
Anyway, I', taking him to the vet early afternoon.. Thanks for caring.. I will post more later..
Wish us luck!

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Lots of Luck to both of you!
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Prayers for you and your cat. Hope all goes well at the vet's office and that they can do something to help him.
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Hi everyone..

I had Gorby to the vet today. His stomach is full of fluid.
Now to figure out why.
The x-ray only shows so much, so tomorrow I am taking him back for an ultra sound. They also heard a heart murmur. The dr. said if he was having a heart issue he could get fluid build up and it could have setteled in his stomach.
Or, he could have a mass. Either way it's not looking good. He is old & frail and I don't want to put him through anything invasive so for now I will start with the ultra sound and hopefully we will have an answer one way or the other as to what it could be and maybe their is some medicine that can help him. One the up side, he is not in any pain.. The dr. was squeezing all around to see what the problem was and to see if she could feel anything and he purring like crazy...The dr & assistant could not believ how loud he was. We had to stop touching him so he would stop purring so they can hear his heart.

Thank you all for your kind words... I will let you know the results of the ultra sound tomorrow night..

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Judith, you and Gorby have lot so thoughts and prayers headed your way from me.
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Judith, did they draw any of the abdominal fluid and sent it for analysis? I know they did that for my Molly when she was in a similar situation.
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Hi AbbysMom,

No, they did not draw any fluid as of yet. The dr. felt since Gorby seems not to be in any discomfort, lets see what the ultra sound says before they have to stick him...

Unfortunetly, I had to re-schedule his appointment for tomorrow.. I HATED to do that but my 15 yr old son had 104.2 temp. Scared the heck out of me..
When they are babies they can tend to run a high fever like that but he is older and it sort of came on fast.. He seems better now but I didn't want to be away this afternoon and not be able to get back to him. So Gorby will have his test tomorrow..

He is eating & pooping No problem, but I it looks just like he ate a basketball..
We are hanging in their for now..

Talk to you tomorrow..
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sending vibes to your family ...
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Keeping my fingers crossed for the ultrasound tomorrow
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Hi everyone..

Well, the ultra sound was showing his spleen & liver enlarged but no visible masses or toumers. They drained a little bit of the fluid and tested it and nothing..It was pretty clear. So the dr, feels its a cancer that is causing all this even thought we can't see it. It could be a systemic cancer not necesseraly with a mass. But, He is not uncomfortable. He sill wants to eat all the time and during the ultra sound, the dr, said he was purring.. Just like with the x-ray... As long as he can get scratched & eat, he is happy.. So the dr said for now, take him home & give him lots of love & attention and I'll know when the time is right.

I'm happy it's nothing I have to make a decision on now but it makes me sooooo sad.. It's just a matter of time before he starts breaking down.
I hope & pray he goes in his sleep.
I can't imagin having to make that decision again.
I did once before and it was the worst thing I ever had to do. I think I let me other cat suffer a little longer than necessary because I had a hard time. Every time I thougt this is it, she would get up & eat or start cleaning herself.. Then I would say she'd getting better.. But that was not the case... I don't want to do that again..

OK, thank you all agin for you good wished & support.
It is appreciated more than you know.
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Prayers and Good Vibes to Gorby!
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Judith, you have all the prayers, thoughts, and good vibes I could possibly send.

Unfortunately I understand what you are going through. I lost my Molly in November of 2004 with the exact same symptoms and non-diagnosis that Gorby has.

It sounds like Gorby is doing slightly better than my Molly was, and I hope you have a lot more time left with him.
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That would be awful to lose him, I really hope he sticks around for a while..and maybe the condition can reverse itself?! I will pray for that.
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Just wondering how Gordy is doing?
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Oh--poor Gorby! I do hope he continues to feel at least some comfort and I feel so badly, he seems to be failing like this. I know how you feel about putting him down. I had to have my darling Spikey put to sleep a little over a year ago, as he DID begin to have pain and I could not bear to let him go any longer. The vets could not tell me what was or was not going on. They only knew he passed a lot of medical tests and still could not tell me what was wrong. It took all my strength and love, to take him and get him put down, and I know it was the right thing to do. But often, the right thing to do, is NOT the easiest thing to do! Wishing Gorby days of comfort ahead....
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Hi Everyone,
I'm back with an up-date on Gorby.

After several scans & blood work the vet said to take him home & keep him comfortable... It's some sort of cancer.
He is so large now with fluid, he can hardley walk.. 3 or 4 steps and he sits.. He sleeps all day & night. But when he is hungry, get out of his way!!!!!
He actually walks the entire hall to get to the kitchen then rests for a while..
Then pigs out!

He purrs when you touch him still. Very affectionate.. He can't stand to long when he poops so he tends to sit and I don't need to explain what happens then! He makes it to the littler box but can lift his legs so I have pee,pee pads in front of the box and he is good about using them.

I am still in such turmoil about what to do..I keep hearing I will know when the time is right but my kids (15 & 21) are freaking about me doing anything. They said he is eating and purring so how can I KILL him?
When they put it that way, I can't do it.. He has gotten worse and I can't imagine he will have much longer. I don't understand how he can have so much fluid in him. It looked like basketball in his stomach.. Now it looks like a basketball and more!

I just don't know what to do.... I truly believe he is in no pain but it certainly can't be comfortable. They can't drain the fluid or give him a diaretic because he is so overloaded, they said he can go into shock removing enough to make a difference. And he had no muscle mass and you can feel every bone.
The latest is rock hard poops covered with a milky looking film... I pray he dies in his sleep! I can't make this decision as long as he tries to run to the kitchen to get food. Once he stops eating he will weaken & then I think EVERYONE will see whats best..

Thank you all for listening.. I appreciate the support of this forum.
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Poor you. Things certainly aren't sounding good, and I think you need to start weighing up his good times compared to his bad times, also what quality of life he does have. I don't think of it as killing them though, more of ending their suffering, as I love them too much to let them suffer. And sadly, cats purring isn't always a sign that they are happy, cats purr when they are in pain as well, as it is a comfort thing to them. IT is such a hard thing to do though.
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Judith, I'm so very sorry you're having to go thru this. Have you considered getting a second opinion? It sounds as if Gorby is still trying to do all the "normal cat stuff"; I can't imagine him carrying around all that fluid!
I understand how hard it is to make a decision about his future, and I know how easy it is to say "You'll know when the time is right." Having made this decision in the past, you know it's just not that simple. I think it comes down to a cat's quality of life; if you think Gorby is still a happy cat and you don't mind the extra work that comes with his problem, then you are in no way ready to let him go. It's amazing how much we'll do to tend to our sick kitties, isn't it? Sorry I can't be of more help. All I can say is love the little guy like crazy for as long as you can.
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So sorry to hear of Gorby's illness as well as the anguish you and your family are enduring as well. It is not an easy decision, we had to do it about two months ago for our 2 year old tuxedo who was striken with FeLV - it was all so sudden. I remember thinking as you, that as long as Gateway was purring and seemingly alert, he was okay. The fact was, he was very sick and as "booktigger" pointed out, cats often purr to comfort themselves when they are sick. I remember my husband saying that making the decision is the last act of kindness you can do for your pet. It was true - though difficult to let go - my kitty's quality of life had declined and he wasn't the robust, active boy he once was. It is an act of mercy and provides for a peaceful passing. Gateway went through it like a champ - and I was glad to be there with him. I still cry (like now) for him, but know that we did the right thing and that Gateway is now in a better place without pain or suffering.

Sorry you have to go through all this. Peace to you, Gorby, and your family.
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Thank you all for responding..

I have heard that purring could mean other things as well but in Gorbys case I do believe it's not like that. I go over to check to see if he is breathing sometimes and he looks so peaceful, then I touch him and he wake up and only then starts to purr...
I don't want to sound like I am kidding myself but I honestly think in this case the purring is not due to pain.. However, no doubt he is uncomfortable.
I know how I feel if I'm bloated! I can't imagin haveing 2 gallons of fluid in my abdomin...

The hard thing is I know it's an act of kindness to end his suffering but I have protest from my kids. BIG TIME!!
And as I stated in an earlier post, one is 21 and one is 15 so it's not like I can sugar coat anything and say he got sick during the night or while they were in school. They are old enough to know better and have VERY strong opinions in the subject.

In fact, both kids just told me to make sure under no condition am I to pull the plug on them even if they are in a coma! I can't believe they even said that! I was horrified!!
I don't EVEN want to get started on that subject or even think about it but thats how against me taking Gorby they are.
I can't believe the conversation this subject started with my kids...Very upsetting...

Anyway, for now I will moniter him closely. If he breaks his leg due to jumping off my bed (which I can't believe he will do) I will have no choice. He could not handle surgery. As hard as it is for him to jump & move thats his favorite spot. My bed. He gets the front claws up and drags the rest of his body up.
Yes, clawing at my new bed set. HA! He can do what ever he want. He gets away with anything these days..

Ok, I'm rambling now so I will end it her for now. Thanks again everyone and I will keep you all posted.
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Sorry if I am talking out of turn, but as your kids are old enough to understand things, you might have to get them to accept that sometimes letting a pet die a natural death isn't an option, in fact it can be cruel, and that is something they are going to have to learn to accept - I know you are going through a tough time anyway, but you can't let them make you feel worse, and stop you making the decision at the right time. When I was 15, my mum had to have our family cat pts, I hated her at the time cos it was just before my 16th birthday and I was having friends round, but she explained that he had cancer, and he couldn't control his bladder and bowel and that wasn't fair on him, as he was a very clean cat and it would have really got to him that he couldn't get outside in time cos he never messed in the house, and I accepted it, cos it was for him.
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Aw Judith, you ramble all you want--you're entitled. I feel so bad for you. Such an impossible choice.
May I make a suggestion about Gorby getting on your bed? I'd be concerned about him jumping down, too. Can you put together some "steps" for him? I've done that with geriatric cats that haven't been able to jump anymore. A footstool or a low chair or even a sturdy cardboard box that Gorby could use to climb onto the bed would be a big help for him.
Sending big cyber-hugs your way, and a good ear-skritching for Gorby.
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