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Cats going crazy

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We have 2 cats both female that we adore, but sometimes they can get out of hand. for example, they jump on my moms plants and bite them, and they jump on furniture and are curious about things so they scratch, bite and look at them. they've continuosly knocked down my mom's plants and we dont know what to do to keep them away from certain places, can anyone help?
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When any one of our 3 cats "get the crazies" as my husband and I call it, we just clear the way and laugh. We used to have a bit of a problem with them knocking over or chewing on the plants so we started spraying water with a little cayenne pepper mixed in, on the leaves of the plants. They've not chewed them in 2 years. Also, putting some heavy rocks in the plant, on the soil, will help keep them from digging and hopefully, make the plants too heavy to knock over.
It's just their little way of working off some energy --that's what happens when you get to sleep all day and part of the night! ha!

Good luck!
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Having cats sometimes involves rearranging your life a little. Anything that is knocked over easily should be put in a safe place. I lost a few ceramic pieces to my cat's crazy fits!

As for plants, get heavy pots with wide bases, and put them on the floor or on a table. Teetery plant holders are no good!

If there is a place that is dangerous for the cat to be, spraying water when they go there will convince them to explore elsewhere. Otherwise, try and cat-proof your house!

I'd also suggest an evening or morning "play time" to help them focus their energy on something non-breakable! A feather or a cat toy on a string really gets them going. Some cats like laser pointers as well. It'll get their energy out!
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