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Extra toes???

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I never thought about this before, as this is my first cat. Zissou has four toes on her back legs but then five on her front, claws and all. Its off to the side, like a thumb, and bigger. Its not causing her any problems, getting infected or whatnot, and she uses it to pick things up. Just one more to trim, I guess.
She also has a sort of un-finger (?) on all four paws, up closer to the joint, that is just like a regular one but doesn't have a claw. Its kind of pointy and hard, but the same sort of skin as her clawed fingers.

Is that normal? Do I just think she's only supposed to have four but I'm wrong?
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That means she's a polydactyl. Polys are considered to be lucky in some cultures, although most of us cat lovers just think they are extra special kitties. Ernest Hemmingway had a particular fondness for polys, and many times they are referred to as Hemmingway Cats.

Having an extra toe (or two, or more) on her paw(s) is a genetic "deformity", but as long as the claw is fully formed as well it won't give her any problems. Although it may give YOU more problems because she may be able to use her paws more effectively with the extra toe.
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I just used the search option for polydactyl cats and came up with this thread.
There are some really cute pictures here.

You can do the same with the search option.
Extra toes are adorable.
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It's not exactly normal, but like valanhb said, it's fine so long as they have claws and everything on the extra toes.
I had a foster litter of kitties a few years ago who had the most adorable extra toesies. Most of them had 7 or even 8 toes per paw. They were the sweetest little kittens I'd ever seen! I think extra toes are cute.
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A normal cat has 4 toes/claws on the back and 5 on the front. One of the ones on the front is higher (like where you thumb is). If more toes/claws then the above, it would be a polydactayl.

Just remember to cut the extra claws as sometimes they can grow back into the pawpad. Also some of the "extra" claws are much thicker then normal.
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Tiger was and Olivia is a Polydactyl. I've seen some of Ernest Hemmingway's polydactyl cats too. Actually I posted pics from my trip there last month in fur pics. Give me a minute and I'll post a link. I don't think any of my pics really show the ones that were poly's toesies off. Tiger used to use her extra toe to grab things, especially pens, from my hands. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=78296
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My Molly was a polydactyl. As GoldenKitty mentioned, you really do have to watch the claws on those toes. When we took Molly in, (she was a stray) her claws has started to grow into her pads on those toes.
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