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of adding another cat to my house.

Samuel would really prefer not to be alone. When I'm at home he is always within 5 feet of me, and on my lap if he can get there! He is soooo affectionate and loving.. but when he was in the feline sanctuary he didn't seem particularly partial to the other cats. He wasn't aggressive, but he would swat at them if they got too close. Recently, he met the neighbors cat (kitty) and was very curious about her. He was a bit agitated, but didn't hiss or act like he wanted to hurt her...but he wasn't entirely comfortable either. They ended up playing near each other for a little while, but not together.

I'm wondering that if perhaps I got a young cat, Sam would have company during the day when I'm not home. He lived with about 20 other cats before, and maybe it was too much? If he were able to be the dominant cat, then maybe he would benefit from having a friend. Or maybe not? I don't know.

I'd appreciate some input. I guess there's really no definitely way to know unless I exposed him to some other cats in his own territory. (He met Kitty in hers)