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Mother & daughter cat & kitten

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I rescued a Mother and daughter, the daughter (8 months old estimated) got out for 2 nights, she wasnt in heat yet ( I was waiting to get her spayed) we found her and the mother is pissed. shes swatting and growling and hissing occasionally smelling the daughters bum. I am guessing she knows she was outside getting acquainted with the local guys. But will she ever go back to playing and being loving. And is the daughter pregnant because she isnt as active or playful but seeking and responding to lots of affection.
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I have learned from TCS that cats are induced ovulators, so they don't need to be in heat to get pregnant. I would say she is either going into heat, so smells funny to her Mom, or was out with a neighborhood tomcat.

If it were my cat, I would take her this week to be spayed. Their is no real reason to wait beyond 4-6 months to spay...they don't need to go through a heat before they are spayed. Also be sure she is up to date on her shots, because she could catch certain illnesses from the tomcats outside.
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I would definately spay her even if she is pregnant. She is much too young to be having babies and could be a big risk to her if she goes through with it. Plus she could have picked up any number of diseases from the local toms. Please have her spayed no matter what the vet says about pregnancy. If you feel bad, remember cats are not people and she will not know the difference. Tell the vet she could be pregnant but you do not want to know, just spay her and get it done with. It is also healthier to have cats spayed before their first heat because it greatly reduces the risk of cancers when they are older.
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