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Daily Thread - 4/25

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Good morning! I hope that everyone enjoys their Thrusday!
Little Iris says meowwwwwww! We are having a little love fest before I get ready for work.
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My air conditioning is out again. They replaced the motor last Friday, so I assume it's not that. I feel like I'm breaking the machine or something. Of course, it's cold and rainy this morning so I'm comfortable without it, but last night it was 80 i here and I'm really not happy when it's over 72. (So why am I in Texas?)

Jim's company is chaging health insurance, so I won't be covered any more. It happens to coincide with our divorce becoming final, so I won't qualify to be a family member any more. He says he'll cover any medical expenses I have until I"m working. Actually, I probably don't spend as much at the doctor as my premium costs anyway. But he still needs to cover our daughter.

The endocrinologist saw me a second time and sent me for some more bloodwork. He found out that I have a normal amount of female hormones but too much male hormone. (It's normal for people to have some of both kinds.) He ordered some more labs to find out if this is a thyroid thing or if I'm diabetic, the treatment plan depends on which hormone is out of whack. Of course the lab called me to say they messed up the test so I need to go back.

Haven't heard anything about the job yet. I'm going to call them and remind them of my existence.

But I have 3 kitties who sit with me and want attention, so things are really okay. Not much is better than fuzzy love.
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Good morning everyone! It is a bright and sunny day here. I have plenty of homework to keep me busy today before I leave work. lol Gotta run! Have a good day everyone. :daisy:
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It's a bit over 16 here in Belgium, afternoon already, been a good girl today, did a spring cleaning... just finished mopping the floors and now need a break! I opened the window to air the flat out, and Casper and Kitty are sitting on the window sill sniffing the spring air
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It's a bit cool out this morning, but not bad enough to need a jacket. It's a nice change. I'm with you Sunlion - I don't like it hot!

Another slow day at the office. What's cool is that my supervisor told me that when I don't have stuff to do it's OK to be hanging out on the internet! I basically got permission to hang out with you guys all day (when I don't have work to do, obviously). I thought that was pretty cool.

Debra I'm so jealous! I want little kitten loves with those HUGE purrs! I got a snuggle monster in my bed this morning (Trent, that is - not hubby!) which made my day a lot better! Guess he's over his anti-mommy thing again.

Have a great Thursday!
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My four-day weekend has started. Today: sit around, in my robe and drink coffee. Sit in front of computer (still in robe). Go to library (MAY wear clothes). Sit around. Pet Opie. :sleep3:
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I don't know, Cindy, if you go the library, you'd probably better wear some clothes, unless you have some interesting local customs where you live . . .
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I've managed to upgrade to shorts and a T-shirt, so I won't shock the librarians.
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