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Vibes for Jazzy

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Hey everyone, could you send some vibes/prayers our ferret Jazzy's way.

He isn't doing very well. He was a rescue we recieved about a yr and a half ago and was almost starved to death, his "sister" died from starvation and lack of water before we could get them.

Anyway he has been fighting adrenal disease for a long time now, but I think his time with us is almost over.

Over the last few days, he has gone from an ok weight to looking skeletal (?sp). The poor boy couldn't even walk last night....we set him down and he took 2 steps, fell over and had a mini siezure.

And of course there are no vets open on the weekends around here.

Please keep Jazzy in your thoughts so he can have a quiet passing with no further suffering.

Thank you,
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oh Diane, I am so very sorry

sweet Jazzy - rest peacefully darlin where there is no more suffering

you are all in our thoughts at this time
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Prayer to Jazzy.
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Poor Jazzy, may he go peacefully and suffer no more.
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Oh heart and prayers are going out to you and Jazzy that he makes a quiet, easy transition over the rainnbow bridge.........God bless him.
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Jazzy went to the bridge this morning.

Thanks so much for the vibes and love for Jazzy.
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Diane, I am so sorry to hear this. RIP Jazzy
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I'm so sorry to hear about Jazzy. RIP sweet boy.
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I am so sorry for your loss. How wonderful that his last year he was well cared for, fed, and loved.

Now he is over the bridge with his sister, and can tell her all about how being loved feels!

Rest in peace, little Jazzy!
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Bless his little heart . I'm so sorry Diane

Have a wonderful time over the bridge Jazzy sweetie
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I'm so sorry about your loss, Diane.
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Awww Diane.......I'm so sorry my friend...........God bless his little heart.
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Thanks everyone.
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RIP, Jazzy.
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Rest in Peace, little Jazzy. You fought so hard against the odds. Go to the rewards you so richly deserve, and know that you will be "always remembered, forever loved".
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So sorry for your loss...
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Rest in Peace little buddy..You were much loved!!
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I'm very sorry to hear of Jazzy's passing.
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Thanks everyone!

It may be a bit late but I finally found a pic of Jazzy.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Jazzy looked like a happy little guy in his photo .. and that is thanks to you ! I'm sure his sister was waiting for him and they're now playing and talking about what a great mom he had.
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