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Anyone have experience with a feline distemper survivor?

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I am considering adopting a gorgeous sweet male cat....1 1/2 years old. The animal shelter has told me that he survived feline distemper and that now when he is stressed, his eyes run, and his nose runs too. (He drools also, doesn't this sound like years of fun?!?) However, he was so darling when I was petting him that I can overlook all of that. I am concerned though, that other problems might arise, and I am not in any financial situation to deal with high vet bills. I want to make an informed and responsible decision, so that he is able to have the best home possible, even if it's not with me. Any suggestions?
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The distemper will live within him for at least a year, making exposure to other animals risky. But if he has survived distemper, he will not get it again. He will also be at risk for problems down the road with his digestion, as well as being susceptible to other infections. The drooling will be the least of your problems, and his ideal home would be somewhere that he would be an inside only kitty, with rich nutritious food and no other kitties around. If you can provide this for him, go for it. I had two kittens with problems resulting from the mom getting distemper. because of the kitten's problems, they did not last a year. But while they were here, they were pure joy!
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My cat Zen is a distemper survivor. He lived through it at 6 months of age. I had 3 other cats at the time including his sister and mom. I had to quarantine him for a long time. 6 months I think. I kept him in my home office and he lived on my lap through his recovery. It was difficult at best. It took him longer than most cats to fully mature. He was in the "gawky teenager" stage for a long time. Now he is 7 years old and I have to tell you, this is the coolest cat I have ever had. He doesn't really have any residual effects from the disease except that he has what I call "cold bones"- he is the only cat I have ever known to lie directly on the heater vent. Most cats don't like the static. He also crawls in under the covers. We call him the smash cat because he will smash himself into you while you are asleep to get your body warmth. He is sweet-tempered and loving and cherished and irreplaceable.
I had a problem finding a vet to not give him a distemper shot. I take him in with his sister and she needs all three. Most people have never met a distemper survivor.
I would have to say you should go with your heart. Zen is the most loving and empathic cat I have ever known. It is totally worth it.
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I have no experience with feline distemper, but I would bet that if you adopt him and he's settled in, in a stable environment that's not chaotic like a shelter, that the drooling and weepy eyes might clear up or at least lessen.
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