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Impending Kittens Questions

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My siamese is now at her 66th day gestation. I think I saw her mucus plug this morning. THere was a clear liquid with a little green and brown in it on the kitchen floor this morning. It was not strong smelling. I thought that she would have the kittens today, but it is now evening and she is not showing any signs of labor. She is just sleeping on my bed. There is no abnormal behavior at all.
Does anyone know what it is? The last time she had kittens I did not see a mucus plug. Maybe one of my others just threw up on the floor. I dont know.
Any advice?
Also, does anyone think that it is a bad idea to leave her for three or four hours tomorrow to go to church? The last time she had kittens she was a great mom and did not need my help at all she did cords and afterbirths all herself. In fact, she did not really want me there.
Any advice?
One more thing, is it ok to let my neutered male stay with her in confinment. She gets lonely. He was a great adopted father for the last litter. He helped her stimutlate the kittens.
Is it ok for him to be there for the birth?
Thanks for your help.
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Any discharge with an odor is not normal and could be a very serious sign. I would strongly recommend calling the emergency vet clinic immediately, describing what you saw, and doing whatever they recommend. Whatever the problem is, it is almost certainly treatable but could be very, very serious if untreated.
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I wouldn't keep the male with her. In case she has the babies, he could be really confused and accidentally do something unwanted.
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semiferal, the OP said there was not a strong smell.

meg, the mucous plug should be clear, whitish, pinkish or streaked with a little blood. Green and brown are not good colours to see and could mean an infection or a kitten that has died in utero.

66 days is very far in and although up to 69 days is considered normal, it would be a good idea to take her off to the vet for a check.

If the male cat was good with the kittens last time, he will probably be good with them again. I would recommend keeping him out of her room until the kittens are a few days old, just so that she can give birth and adjust to the kittens without interruption.
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Yes, I'd call the vet. The green/brown color may be a sign of trouble. With my females, the color was clear to very light pink. Siamese sometimes go a bit longer, but its better to be safe then sorry.

If the first kitten is dead and is not gotten out, then the rest of the kittens are in danger of dying too.

I think God would rather you take care of one of His creatures then to go to church this time

Hope things are ok; let us know.
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