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Question: on spray vitamins

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I just bought some spray on vitamins for my two kitties. Seemed like a good idea since humans take vitamins to keep balance. I am always skeptical of what is in catfood, though my buddies get Iams hard food, and
9-Lives/Friskies soft. But now I just spray their food a couple of times with this product and its supposed to complete their vitamin intake. Anybody else do this? Hear of any problems/benefits to this?? Thanks.
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I tried them found the ingrediants not great and think i may have spray more on me and the counters than the food ....

I would try a higher end dry and wet food instead of vitamin futzing
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The only problem I have with the spray vitamins is it usually has garlic in it. It seems most cat food companies haven't yet realized this could be a problem with cats. However, in such a small dose I don't think its a big deal but there is a lot of debate over this.
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It is much better to give them higher quality food and skip the vitamin supplements. Examples of foods to try are Nutro and Natural Balance (available at PETsMART and Petco), and Wellness, Pet Guard, Felidae, Innova, Solid Gold, Merrick, Chicken Soup, and many other brands that are available at small pet specialty stores, online, or at "human" health food stores.

You're right to be skeptical of what's in grocery store cat food. Fortunately, there are really excellent foods available whose ingredients you don't need to worry about at all!
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thank you very much everybody
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