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bloody poop normal?!?!

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My sisters cat peaches is pregnant and about to pop any day now. Recently Ive found some of her poop os like...a ketchup color and about the same consistency. Its like ketchup diarhea. Its gross. Im so worried cuz my kitten Foxxy stepped in it and I found her licking it off. She has had her shots...but im worried. Is there something wrong? Or is this normal for pregnant kitties?
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Bloody dirareah is not normal, even for a cat that is pregnant or about to give birth. You may be confusing i with the mucous plug that may have come out at the same time. A little diarrhea is normal the day before or the day of giving birth but not bloody. The cat may have worms or somethign else wrong. A vet visit is a good idea.

As for Foxxy, she should be OK. Keep a close eye on her ( I'm sure you are already LOL) and look for any behaviour out of the normal. If the pregnant cat turns out to have worms, Foxxy will almost definitely have them too and will need to be wormed.
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I had my kitten dewormed given revolution....i think thwats what its called. But she needs some more now. (Peaches wasnt given any because she had to be brought into the vet to get it because they apply it, and she couldnt get the other method without them knowing her weight. My sister hasnt brought her in yet)I read something on the internet about cocci something.....its some disease that can be fatal and maybe im just worrying too much but it sounds like what peaches is having. Its transfered through bacteria in feces so that means Foxxy would get it. My sister is bringing Peaches to the vet on Thursday or Friday so well find out then. BTW...she has been having this problem for 2 or 3 weeks now so it cant be the plug thing. My dad just told me it was because she was pregnant now im getting worried about it.
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Coccidia is what Im thinking of
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Can cats get parvo? and is it possible its worms? I never knew they would have bloody poop like that with worms
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Yes, bloody poop is a definite symptom of worms. Cats cannot get canine parvovirus but can get something called feline panleukopenia (feline distemper) caused by a feline parvovirus.

Try not to get too distressed by all the reading you're doing. It's good your sister is taking her cat to the vet.
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ok that does not wrry me so much then because we can get her treated for worms. What kind of tests would they do to find out for sure what is wrong?
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Testing for worms is relatively easy. Your sister needs to take a fecal sample to the vet and they will test it for worms. It's best that it gets done before the birth as she can pass worms on to the kittens.
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