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Any tips to help an overly affectionate cat?

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I don't honestly know if this is an issue or not. I picked up a stray to foster last Sun, and she is so desperate for affection, yet is unable to stay still for it, and constantly falls off your knee (fortunately I clipped her claws the day she came, I dread to think the state my legs would be in otherwise). She even nearly fell off the table at the vets to get more affection. She was apparently wild when she turned up at work, and was tamed just by someone feeding her, and giving her a bit of attention, so I can see how it has happened, just wondered if there was some way to make her realise that she can have as much affection as she wants. She is still isolated at the moment, can't wait to see what happens when she realises there is a bed and a sofa she can share!!
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Strays know that they are finally loved and being taken care of, and of course they want to love on you!!! Sounds like such a sweetie!
Are you worried that she will hurt herself? Or are you worried that she will be too attached to you? I'm not sure what your question is.

My advice: Spoil her rotten with love! She is saying thank you, and I hope you never have to live like I did, all alone and scared.
Pull her up on your lap better so she doesn't fall off, hold her like a little baby. Mine was a stray, and had to sleep apart til we got her fleas and such fixed, and she won't leave me alone. I don't want her to anyway. Right now, she is sleeping on my leg and has her hand on top of mine while I type, like we're holding hands. nawwwwwwwww!
She sounds like she will be totally socialized when youre done with her, and ready for her forever home soon!
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Is she spayed?
She might be in heat.
Many cats get all flirty and affectionate during that time.

if that's not the case, then maybe she's just a cuddler! Sam followed me around like a puppy for a week after I brought him home, but once he realized I was there all the time, he calmed down a bit.
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I suppose I just want her to be a little less desperate for attention - maybe when she has access to the whole house and can meet the other cats she will be better. She was like this when I met her outside though, so it isn't cos she is grateful for me taking her in (that was how I knew she wasnt a feral, she allowed me to pick her up, check she was female, check her nipples, and still came back begging for more affection!!). Have tried holding her on my knee, and she dislikes it. She starts stretching to get more fuss, and that is when she starts slipping - fortunately I sit on the floor in the cats room (there are two chairs in there, but I always sit on the floor for some odd reason). She will be up for adoption in a few weeks, we just need to check that she is neutered first (although has no signs of ever having kittens and was estimated to be 2yo)
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We posted at the same time - we don't know yet that she is spayed - the vet would guess she was due to her size and nipples, but she is being kept for a month before going on the rehoming page to be on the safe side. She doesn't have any other signs of being in heat, I have tried rubbing near the base of her tail, although she is very vocal and is trying to meet the other cats.
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Poor girl probably isn't used to getting lovin's! She is showing how grateful she is that you brought her into your home. Nala was the same way when we brought her in. But after a while she realised that the affection wasn't going to go away and calmed down.
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sounds like a sweet problem to someone already said, she just sounds like a cuddler..what a sweetheart
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Fluffy was like that when we first rescued her. Now that she knows she will be ok, she is still very loving, but not nearly so desperate and needy.
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Am glad to hear so many of you have said that it should lessen in time - while I love her being affectionate, and know that it will make her easier to rehome, I just find it so sad that she is so desperate for affection, so would like her to be less needy.
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Like you said, it will make her easy to rehome, everyone seems to want a total cuddlebug. I think she will probably calm down once she is free in the home.

Garfield used to try so hard to get lovings that he would slide of dh's lap. Part of it was if he saw a free hand, he would aim for it. It wasn't enough to pet him with one hand, he wanted BOTH hands on him! And he mostly had lots of attention. (He was treated for distemper, so had some time caged as he recovered.) He is still very affectionate, but not pesky about it in any way. Just a real lovebug!
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I hope so, sounds awful but she does get annoying with it - it took her half an hour tonight to settle long enough to stay in one place. And she does a lot of padding, esp on your hands, so will have to keep her claws clipped (and also cos she tends to dig in when she slides off!!). She goes bonkers when she sees your hands - and if she is settled, and you are reading (only thing I do in there) and move a page, she has to start up again.
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Is your new kitty spayed?
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Abi would not leave my side for the first few weeks after I adopted her from the pound. She would knead against me constantly, almost trip me when i walked anywhere in the house. If i left the room with out her seeing where I went she cried until I called to let her know where i was. She has really settled down and can spend time in her cat tree or sleeping in a chair alone now. She still has to be within viewing distance or at least on the same floor .

Your kitty just needs alot of attention and she'll gain confidence that the affection isn't going to go away, plus soon she'll be able to snuggle and head butt the other cats and you wont be the only player in her life.

It's great you adopted her.
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Sounds very familiar. She is due to start meeting the others tomorrow, although she has managed to see Molly and Tom already and wasn't 100% happy with either - although Tom was cos he did his usual trick of not knowing when to stop with the nose sniffing.
I haven't adopted her though, I am fostering her, and she will be put on the rehoming list in a couple of weeks once we are sure that she is spayed. I am sure she wont be waiting long, the only prob I can see is with her being pure black.
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