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Giving up on Stephen King

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His new book Everythings Eventual is very disappointing and I still can't get through Black House. I thought the best part of his new short story collection was in the beginning when he talks to the constant reader about his life and thanks us for reading him.
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I'm not very big on the whole horror genre, but I'm sorry one of your favorite authors is turning out garbage. It's always disappointing when you wait for a new book and it fails to live up to your expectations, esp. since books are so expensive!
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I've never been big into Stephen King. He's a bit too descriptive for me. I've noticed in a couple of interviews lately that he seems to be getting pretty cocky, like he can write anything and people will buy it. Just my opinion.

I do understand about being disappointed in your favorite author though. Anne Rice is my fav and she put out some real bad ones for a while, like Violin and Merrick. Hey Anne - if you kill them off you can't just resurrect them on a whim (re Armand).

It's sad when they forget their roots and just crank them out for commercial success.
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I'm sorry to hear that! Guess I won't bother buying those books! The last one of his I bought, Dream catcher, is still on my night stand, only a third of the way read, I just can't get into it!!!!
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I'm not really into Stephen King, sorry that he is no longer your favourite.

Have you ever read The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand? I could not put them down. I would consider those somewhat of a horror story...I love objectivist philosophy.

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Oh, Hissy, I thought I was the only one! I've just been SO disappointed in Steven King's writing lately! I never did get through Black House, and I got to the 3rd or 4th story in the new book and just gave up. It's awful!

I don't think I would be nearly as disappointed if I didn't know how good his writing COULD be. (ie: The Stand and It.)

I think from now on I'll stick to Dean Koontz ~ at least he's never written any complete garbage! (IMO!)
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I love Dean Koontz, but I gotta say the book 'Demon Seed' was really bad. I was shocked because the rest of his stuff is amazing-hes got a very vivid imagination. I'm currently reading Winter Moon for the second time- its my favorite of his.

I've never been able to get into Stephen King. The only one of his I've read and enjoyed was Insomnia (that was the one about the guy who could see auras and stuff right?) Oh- and The Green Mile of course. But I agree with Heidi- hes just too descriptive.
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Thanks for the "heads-up"!! I was going to buy that recently, but didn't have enough time...so I thought I would just get it later on this week. But thank you for saving me the money!! I usually like Stephen King, but if all of you fellow fans are saying blah, then I won't bother.
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Well he is going to stop writing after two more books this year. I started losing interest in his books after Rose Madder. But I still collect his books in hardback and have 3 of them autographed.
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