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I'm new..please help, sick kitty!!

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Trout is our 1 year old furry little daughter..a few days ago, she started vomitting white liquid a couple of times a day and I had noticed she wasn't eating as well (her pee and poop is normal). Also, she was really lazy..normally she plays all day long and she was just sitting around. So, we waited a couple of days and then brought her to the vet. The vet did bloodwork, and x-rays and didn't see anything unusual except that she was dehydrated. So right now she is on IV for rehydration, and will be for the next 2 days still. We went to see her this morning and she is improving, but still won't eat. I figure she's probably really stressed out there as she hisses at everyone in sight.
So, now we have to wait until Monday to see if she starts to eat..and if not, we have to look at getting an ultrasound to see if there is a hidden foreign object in her somewhere. And after the ultrasound, it would be VERY expensive surgery which we technically can't afford. (We have already spent three times the amount we can afford for all the diagnostics.)
Has anyone had these symptoms in their cat? What did it turn out to be?
And, do you think it would more likely that she would eat if she was at home?

Please help, we are sooo worried about her.
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I am so sorry your cat is sick. I don't know what the problem could be. Maybe the vet will let you go there and try yourself to get her to eat. Sometimes they will eat a little canned food if it is heated and fed from your fingers. I am hoping for the best for you and you kitty.
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I'm so sorry little Trout isn't feeling well. I'm sending best wishes for her. I've never had symptoms where my cats wouldn't eat, although they have suffered the vomiting you describe. They always popped right back after medication. Best luck for little Trout and for your financial needs.
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Thanks for the kind words..we did actually go to the vet and try feeding her by hand with warm wet food. She had no interest at all. The vet says maybe we can take her home on Monday if she doesn't vomit all weekend. We're hoping when she is home, she will feel more comfortable eating.
It's all pretty traumatizing..just waiting to see if she'll be okay.

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her, and sending calming vibes for you. It must be so frustrating, not knowing what is wrong, and hoping she'll eat. Please keep us updated.
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Thanks a lot for the support. We're definatley stressed to the max, it's been the longest two days ever.

She's such a little kitty, she doens't deserve this.
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Poor kitty! I hope everything works out okay...
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What other foods have you tried feeding her? You may want to ask your vet about trying some salmon or boiled chicken (just be sure it's plain--no spices!). You might also ask the vet about an appetite stimulant, like cyproheptadine.
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The vet did mention he was going to give her an appetite stimulant. I will ask the vet about other food ideas too when I pick her up on Monday. We just feel like she's too stressed out at the vet to eat because she is generally a high stress cat and this is not helping her situation.

We will let you know how tomorrow goes..we have knots in our stomaches just thinking about the worst case scenario...If she's okay, I'll never stop hugging her.
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I hope Trout is feeling better soon. She is a beautiful girl. Good luck and please let us know how she makes out.
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The vet just called and said she managed to pull her IV out on the weekend..but its okay cause she had enough hydration anyway..He also said that she had some diarrhea, which is a good thing because it means there's no obstruction (object in her). She threw up a little on Saturday but he said that that could be from the anesthetic. And then on Sunday, she ate a little, thank god!

So, she gets to come home today and we'll see how she is. She's not out of the woods yet he said, but she is stable.

Thank God.
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Trout came home today and the first thing she did was go to her food bowl and eat a little. I then tried to give her some pills with a pill popper, and she started to try and play with it all cute and playful..

So, she seems to be acting like herself again which is awesome!!

Hopefully, no surprises on the floor when I get home from work
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I'm so glad she's doing better!
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I'm glad to hear that she's doing better! Perhaps it was just some sort of stomach "bug".
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Oh thats good news I hope she continues to improve. Give her a huge hug from us all.
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wonderful news!
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