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hi all dont know where to post this but is there any type of music thats cats like and if so where do i get it? i heard someone say that love certain types but have no idea. thanks in advance
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All I can say is that Rocky seems to be calmer in the car when I have radio going, or if I sing to him. I've never noticed a preference.
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My Layla always calms down when listening to R&B music.
Always puts her to sleep.
But I think it just depends on the cat on whether what type of music they like or whatever.
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Karma loves rock and roll. We have tried mellow music like clasical and she leaves the room. If it has bass she sits in front of the subwoofer staring into it, just spacing out. She really likes Miles Davis B*tches Brew. She also loves talk radio.
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My cats LOVE classical. If I am sitting at my computer, and playing classical, (which i do a lot when im doing homework or some other paperwork) all three of them will come lay on my desk or in my lap. They also really like country. Just try playing different things and seeing what they like.

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I had a cat once that had a preference for classic rock, and one that had a preference for classical. Fred loved for me to sing to him. All of them seem to have a fascination for guitars, either being played or just sitting. Scooter loves my s/o's G&L Legacy, and Pearl loves a vintage Music Man. (Those guitars get as many kitty kisses as we do.) Leo loved to snuggle down next to my sweetie when he would sit on the couch and play his acoustic guitar. He would lie on his back, lay his paws on the guitar and purr like mad.
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My cat Willy loved music - whether he heard on the radio or I sang to him. He always got very cuddly and purred like crazy. He particularly liked country, Motown and Catholic hymns.
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thanks very much for all your ideas, i have 3 of my cats in my room fast asleep and i have some sounds of nature amazon forest cd on which they seem to love. any ideas how i could get or burn some cd with some talk radio on it have no radio on the cd player!!
thanks you all very much
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There is a series of CDs called 'Music for Cats and Friends'!

My three love them (as do I!) We have them on often as background music and in their room when I am out of the house!

They are quite medatative and relaxing! If you do a google search you'll find places to buy it! I had to order mine from Austria.
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