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I would like to open a discussion with Siamese breeders. This is observations and not scientific in nature. This being said lets not get side tracked with how informed we are on genetics.

I have seal points that carry chocolate and dilute. I have noticed over the years and in talking to other breeders about their cats that there are two types of blue points. One has an all steel coloring and the other has a steel with chocolate undertones. Some breeders prefer one and others prefer the other. If you work with and or show blue points which do you prefer? Have you noticed a preference with judges?

Now to the unscientific genetic part . From your observations is there any correlation between the blue point coat color and whether they carry the chocolate gene or not. See where I'm going? Do the blues with the chocolate tone carry the chocolate gene and the steel only blue not carry the chocolate?

Another thing I have noticed with my newborn kittens is the blue points start out looking a bit chocolate when their color first comes in. Could this also be an indicator to whether a blue point carries the chocolate gene?

What's your opinion?