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Remembering Hank

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Hank had made some messes on the rug and had lost a lot of energy. It was summer and I let him in the back yard in the evening. He just lay in the grass in an awkward position. I closed the driveway fence to keep the neighbors huge, goofy lab from bumbling around back there.

Later, in the evening I went to check on him and couldn’t find him at first. After a search, I found him half under the house behind some hedges in a location I’d never seen him before. He didn’t seem right so I decided I would take him to the vets again in the morning on my day off.

It was a beautiful morning and Hank actually showed some interest in going in the back yard again. I closed the gate again to let him be by himself. I filled the bird-bath with the garden hose so Hanky wanted to drink some water. I just stood there and held the end of the hose so he could get a drink (and splash it all over his face).

When it was time I eased him into his carrier and drove to the vets. Cindy had made arrangements to meet me there from work and was waiting in her car in the lot.

The doctor didn’t need a long examination. Hank’s cancer had grown and his time was up.

We felt we owed him our presence when the time came and we held hands and promised to be strong. We thanked Hank for all the love…and for choosing us.

I am nearly crying as hard right now as I was that day 10 and a half years ago. Ya, I’m a softy, and I’ve lost another little friend recently. But that was the kind of impact Hank had.

Thank you for having such a wonderful site so I could recount this tale. I apologize for being so dramatic but this was a labor of love. I am NOT going to write a story like this for every little friend I’ve had that crossed over, although I may write one more. Still… nothing like this.

I have been on vacation all week and that has allowed me these late nights to write. My week is winding down so I won’t have as many opportunities for a while. Perhaps a long time, we’ll see.

Thanks again,
Marc G.
Portland, Or. USA
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The pain of letting go of someone you love so dearly remains in your heart with the passing of time. I'm so sorry you experienced this terrible loss, Marc. Your precious baby is now so happy and healthy in Heaven! Thank you so much for sharing your little boy's life with us. Hank, you're so very cherished!
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Though our pets may not live forever in life, they live forever in our hearts. We will never forget the precious memories that our pets have given us. They have been though everything with us; standing by ready to give us a smile. Someday we will all be with them again. Till that day comes may they rest in peace across the Rainbow Bridge.

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Marc, thought it has been more than 10 years, it is evident to all who read your post how much Hank is loved and missed. When they go away, a piece of our hearts go with them, and try as we may, nothing fills the gap that our soulmate cat leaves in our lives and hearts. Rest in peace dear Hank. You were a special cat.
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Thinking of you and Hank. He sounds like a very special boy.
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Your tribute to Hank was beautiful.
The precious love that you shared will always be with you.
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Thanks you guys. You guys are really nice! I don’t know if I am strong enough to read other folks miseries in this section of the forum yet. With Linus gone now only 10 days I’m kinda on an emotional roller coaster. I will probably put in a few words for him here soon…but not yet. I believe in miracles. I have to.

Cynthia is a rock. I know she just sorta avoids the subject, but she knows time will heal. We already have begun the search for a new wrestlemania friend for Gibson. He has been so sweet. Like he knows. But he has started to chase Panda around and she just heads for high ground and hisses. He needs a new buddy right away.

Thanks again for your kind words.
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I am so very sorry you lossed your precious Hank. I can only imagine the pain you are still feeling. Hank will live on with you forever, please take care of yourself and I hope the pain lessons someday for you. Big hugs to you.
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What a warming tribute to Hank

Play happily over the bridge little one until you see everyone who loves you again
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What a beautiful tribute to Hank. Marc (I assume you are French with that spelling), it's wonderful that folks like you find us here at TCS and can share your joys and sorrows with us. We know what it is like to lose a special kitty and can understand your sorrow. Hank sounds like he was a very special little fellow.
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What a lovely story of Hanks life. He sounds like a very special kitty.
When you feel ready to share about your other kitties we'll all be here listening and to lend a hug.
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Condolences on the loss of both Hank and Linus. Everyone grieves in their own way. Take your time, and be gentle with yourself. Good luck on your search for a buddy for Gibson!
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Hank sounds like he was quite a character, and he created so many memories that are still very fresh in your mind. I know he's taking care of Linus and watching over you from the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, sweet Hank. Also, rest in peace, Linus. You are very missed.
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Originally Posted by ginnyp
...I know he's taking care of Linus...
That'a an amazing mental image. Those two would make quite a team.

We adopted a new kitty 3 days ago and Kyra is already part of the team. She's quite a sweety and for the life of me I can't understand how anyone could let her go. Some conflict as to her age...she could be anywhere from a year and a half to 3 years old. She's a tuxedo, so now we have three black & whites.

We got her in hopes that she would play with Gibson and the answer is?......YES! They're having a ball taking turns chasing each other around the house and wrestling under the bed. It warms my heart.

Thanks again you guys.
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