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one of my cats attacks my face!

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my df and i found a cat on the college campus we attend and we took him in and feel in love right away.(we already had 1 cat) he was about 4-5 lbs when we got him and now he is 13lbs.. poor kid is on a diet..lol. we got him in september and he LOVED it when i would kiss him on his face up until 2 months ago (he was about 7 months when we found him). i have tried to refrain as much as possible from doing it bc i know he will attack my face sometimes but ocassionally when i pick him up he grabs around my neck and gets my nose! that is when im not even trying to kiss him! also if my face gets anywhere near him he will try and claw it, unless he is laying on me chest with me. if i am laying next to him facing him about a foot away and he will look at me then claw me! he is not an agressive cat in any other way, if he gets hissed at he doesnt even notice it seems. if he gets attacked by my other cat (who is pregnant and we just adopted her on vday cat #3)he gets scared. i thought he was attacking me bc i was smothering him and he was growing up. also we have a pregnant cat and she is due at the most in 2 weeks and she attacks him and my other cat. we try and keep her in her own room but he has pulled up the carpet by the door trying to get in, yet when she is out either they sleep together or he is scared of her and runs away (even if she isnt in attack mode) i dont know what to do and what i will do to keep him from getting to her and the kittens and while still having a carpet lol. we have tried using a spray bottle on him when he is bad but he goes back to his old habits in about 15 minutes. we have also used a spray bottle on him after he attacks my face. any advice is very welcome!!!
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The spray bottle is not effective. If he scratches you when you are in his face, I would suggest not doing that anymore. One of my cats hates to be picked up, cuddled, etc. That's just the way he is, and I have to love him on his terms.
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Your cat may have tolerated your kisses at the beginning but now he obviously does not. Perhaps something happened you're not aware of that caused him to change. And as you experienced, the spray bottle is useless (it may even have aggravated the behavior).
I suggest you let him be. Like Deb said, love him on his own terms. Let him approach you first and reward him with a gentle pat, kind words or a treat then walk away. If he doesn't follow that's fine. If he does, it's cool too.
BTW, are you planning to fix your kitties?
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when he was a kitten he use to come and sit by me until i would give him kisses then he would wonder off, it was his morning routine he still goes back to his old ways sometimes, but aparently he is gradually growing out of it. this cat is confusing! lol. it is hard not to kiss him but i will try the him approach me thing, it will be hard but i think thats a great idea. 2 of our cats are fixed and the one that is pg is going to be fixed once she has the kittens and has stopped nursing for 3weeks i believe that is what the vet said. the kittens we are giving away are going to people we know personally and part of the agreement for them to get the kittens is to have them fixed. ty for your help and warm welcomes! kittie
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