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Abdominal lump

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I have two male cats - litter mates, 4.5 years old. Zoobie had a serious urinary blockage 4 months ago (vet said he would have died had I waited even 12 hours to take him in). Long story short... 5-day hospital stay, catheterization, weeks of medication, multiple cat food trials. He's eating Royal Canin S/O (in the green bag).

Both cats liked to be rubbed on their bellies. Tonight, because he let me, I felt Zoobie's lower abdomen. There was a hard lump, maybe lime-sized. I assuming this is his bladder? Does this sound like the right size? I felt the same area on Gonzo, where I felt no lump, just soft normal belly. If anything, the litter boxes look like there has been more urination than usual... no spots of urine anywhere else. Zoobie seems slightly agitated and has been very aggressive toward Gonzo the last few days... sometimes he won't allow Gonzo to be near me.

Am I being a vicarious hypochondriac??... thanks for any input
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I cant offer any advise as to what this lump could be unfortunatly but I wouldnt hesitate to take Zoobie to the vet to get looked over.... no your not being a hypochondriac - if only all cat owners checked over their cats and were concerned with anything abnormal.

Let us know what happens.
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Originally Posted by pudgicat
Am I being a vicarious hypochondriac?
Absolutely not. You are doing what all cat "parents" should do ... staying aware of your kitties moods & health.
Zoobie needs to be check by your vet right away to rule out a problem.
Let us know what you find out.
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A bladder should not be hard. Lime-sized is about right but it should be soft.

I would recommend making an appointment with the vet. Probably it's nothing but better safe than sorry. And of course if he shows any signs of straining in the litterbox, he must go to the emergency vet immediately. (I know you know this already. )
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The lump may be completely unrelated to Zoobie's urinary problems. It sounds a bit like an umbilical hernia. As others have said, a vet visit is a good idea.
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