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I took in more

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I just came upstairs, I took in two mama cats and 5 babies with one of the mamas possibly pregnant.
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Wow! Where did you get them? Were they strays?
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You are going to have this baby kitty thing down pat! Good for you to take in more. Is you dog getting any more kitty friendly?
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Way to go! I see a full house coming up quickly! We need more people like you during kitty season!
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Kind hearted you! I don't blame you, if I had room I'd take some in too!
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I like taking them in and taking care of them. I just went downstairs and this mama isn't taking to me as well as I would like, but I am wondering if she thinks I am going to take her babies like the lady that brought them to me did. I will give her some time and see what happens tomorrow. One of the kittens was hissing everytime I touched it, but this time when I went down it didn't. One of the mothers has seven toes. So does one of the kittens. Yes, they were strays, this guy that is mentally handicapped had them in his basement. This lady called me this afternoon and told me that he wasn't taking very good care of them so I told her if she could convince him to let her get them out of his basement, then I would take them in. So that is how I got them. I think that they all deserve a chance and when these cats live in the conditions that I have seen some of them in, I find a need to make it better for them. Last night around midnight I went out and a cat that I have seen around a couple of times was meowing like crazy so I fed it and put one of my crates out there and noticed this morning that she slept there. I think she may have babies though so I didn't catch her I want to give her a chance to trust me and maybe she will bring her babies to live in the crate, then I will catch her and get a good home for them and her. I currently have fourteen total. Eleven kittens and three mothers.
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OYE, what a handful! It's getting to be kitten season and all the rescues are going to be full! If people would just spay and neuter thier cats, people like you wouldn't have to take on so much!!
I bet those kittens are semi feral from lack of human attention. I am sure once they have been with you a little longer, they will come around.
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yes, I think they might be, but they will come around.
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It's a big job, but somebody's gotta do it, right?? I'm glad that there are people like you in this world to help out. If I had a bigger place, I'd do the same. Good for you!!
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You are an for taking them all in!!!
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How old are the kittens you just got?

I have to agree with Debby - you are an angel!
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That is so nice of you to take all the kittens in and their mom. I hope that the kittens do fine. Let us know if the other mother has her kittens.
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the kittens that i just got are 3 weeks and 8 weeks. One of the mamas is feral I think, she won't let me touch her at all. So when the kittens are old enough I will have her spayed and keep her here.
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