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I need to vent..

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If you don't like reading a lot of complaining, then click the back button, because that's probably all this post is going to be..

So first, the thing that's getting to me the most right now is the fact that I had the greatest spring break [yes, I'm in high school] plans set up, and I've been literally counting down the days since I came home from my Christmas/New Years trip [from the place I had plans to visit again] in January. But just the other day, my boyfriend [who I was going to visit] just decides to tell me "it can't happen" at the last minute before we ordered plane tickets [it's a long-distance relationship], just because a lady he works with is taking a two-week vacation the same two weeks that I was going to be there, and he can't have reduced hours, not to mention two full days of college a week, and a second job that he recently got. I tried to sit down and think of some possible way to make it happen, but all I'm getting is "I'm sorry, but it can't happen" and I am so upset right now that I can barely stand to talk to him on the phone for five minutes! So basically, I have to wait until May and see if I can take a few days out of my school to go over for a few days for his college graduation. I am so angry right now that it's not even funny!

The second thing that's getting to me right now [it's actually kind of dumb for me to be so negative about it] is that he [my boyfriend] is all of a sudden in the ridiculous club at his college for this annoying card game [Magic: The Gathering, if anyone here knows what it is.] and it might sound dumb, but I hate this game with a passion. It's so ridiculous, and I thought he quit a long time ago. But no.. I guess he'd rather spend five hours with a bunch of random people playing something as dumb as that then at least attemp to talk about this trip stuff and get everything figured out with us, because we really aren't getting along at the moment..
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Firstly youre both young.
Its hard to keep long distance relationships going at this age.

Secondly, Men. that word just explains it all
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Hmm...too bad he didn't take the time off before the other lady did. Then probably you guys would be going.

Sorry to hear that you can't go on the break and that your time together is limited. Just remember to enjoy the quality time you have together right now .
IMO however, sounds like he's got some financials situations. Everyone goes through it at some point in college (unless your parents are fully loaded or you saved REALLY well). I remember at one point I was working 3 jobs and going to school full time. After rent, bills, and such I could barely afford to smile. It stinks until you get a decent paying part time job. Just keep patient and you two will work things out.
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That really stinks! At least you haven't ordered the plane tickets yet, that would just make things even worse. I hope you are still able to have a good time on your spring break, even if just to spite him!
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A long distance relationship must be hard (on both of you), which is probably why he hangs out and plays Magic (I'm not a huge fan of it either). This, obviously, doesn't make up for his lack of concern for your upcoming spring break. I guess you might just have to wait it out. Or, force him to talk to you. Not in a pushy, suffocating way, but in a calm and rational manner. Guys just don't seem to want to have anything to do with anything that doesn't benefit them in some way. (I'm sure that, if you read this after you smooth things over, it will sound a bit harsh, but comfort is what your after at the moment).
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I wuld rather my fiance (he plays D+D) played a role playing game with a bunch of guys in some hall, than going out clubbing and getting wasted with his friends and being hit on by nasty girls. I know girls in that situatio and they are much less secure in their relationships.

That really sucks how the trip didn't pan out though.
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I sort of blame him (but not completely) for me not being able to go over, because just a few weeks ago he started a second job, that he's not even getting paid for, by the way, and he knew break was coming up. If he didn't have that to worry about, I'd probably still be going over. We've hardly been talking on the phone.. pretty much all we do is argue or not say anything. I guess we'll see how tonight goes. It sucks, because I'm getting sick, and it's putting me in a worse mood..
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