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meet florrie

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This is my new kitty florrie,just took these pics 2 mins ago and shes already sleeping in lilys bed.Im keeping her in the bathroom for now since its the only room i have spare.

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Looks a lot like our Tinky. I love Tiger cats, they are so cute!
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ohhhhh just sooooo sweet - I love Tabbies!!!!!!!!!!
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I love that second picture-it looks like she is asking for a kiss
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Hi, Florrie!
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Welcome home cutie pie!
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She's so cute!!!
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Florrie is a beautiful tabby. What a sweet face.
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Chloe says Tabbies are the BEST
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Just darling pics! Trixie and Tiggy agree........they say TABBIES RULE!!
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lol thanx for the nice comments,shes settling in ok.Shes decided to make a bed where my nice clean towels are lol Shes been sleeping all day and iv figured out what her fave food is...dry food! I was so happy she likes the dry stuff its so much easier plus she just drank loads of water and i cant get my other 2 to drink water so im very happy. She has a fantastic coat on her,it looks like shes been well looked after.
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Thanx for the lovely comments.
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Originally Posted by janine&lily
Thanx for the lovely comments.
oops i poste dint he wrong thread lol silly me! Anyway il give you a quick update...Florrie is soo sweet,shes alot like freda and wants hugs every minute of the day.Theres not been to much hissing and freda and lily are not fighting anymore i even caught them on the window sitting very close to eachother lol.
Heres a few more pics...

If the pics are to big plz let me know
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Originally Posted by Anakat

Chloe says Tabbies are the BEST
thats rite - meowmy sez i am the most bootiful gurl she has - & i'm a tabby to! ~ Cable
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Awww she's a beauty!! She looks like she's really settled in well which is a brilliant start
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She looks snug as a bug in a rug!! Congratulations on your beautiful new kitty - she is just so gorgeous!
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My house feels complete now that i have florrie,plus im so happy lily and freda are getting on a bit better,hopefully one day they can all be friends.
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Great pictures, Janine!

Florrie is such a sweetheart! She looks like she has settled in really well!

I'm so pleased that Lily and Freda are getting on much better!
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What a sweetie Florrie is!
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