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What I woke up to this morning.

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I think he looks lost.
I have no clue what he was doing in there, but he hung out for about 10 minutes.
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Aw, he looks like he is playing hide and go seek, and you found him! LOL!
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That's a great picture. He's so cute!
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oh yeah, note the empty toilet paper roll on the floor next to the tub.

That wasn't empty when i went to bed. Naughty boy.
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Great photo! Mine like the tub as well. I'm still trying to figure out how to train them to use a scrub brush.
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I think he's saying "turn the water on & you DIE"
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Thats too cute!

Harley hangs out in the tub too!
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That's cute! My kitties wouldn't be caught dead doing that! Well.. maybe Sassy.. but not Lu or Stinky.
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My girls hang out in the tub too. After I get out of the shower Iris goes in there and plops down to watch the water drip down the walls. She come out about 15 minutes later with a wet butt and legs.
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Molly likes to lick the water off my legs when I step out of the shower.
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HOPEFULLY this means that if I ever have to give him a bath he won't kill me.
but I doubt it :-p
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Boxes and bath tubs always seem to attract cats?

That is so cute
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Sherman is a nut for the bathtub! He paws against the sides then goes sliding around for awhile.
Both of my cats are petrified of the shower. Once the bathroom door has opened one of them will slink in as quiet as possible and crouch by it watching the water drop. They're so curious - I think they're trying to figure out what it does.
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