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Hi Everyone

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Hello everyone. My boyfriend and I just adopted a new kitty about
2 months ago. We had a few adjustment issues but she is all settled in and happy and secure as can be. She gave me my first head butt on Sunday what a thrill. We are first time owners of a kitty. So we still have lots to learn. I read everything I get my hands on and some free advice from some very nice people. I just found this website by mistake, I was looking for cat books. I am still not sure how I got here but glad I found you all.

We plan on taking Kitty-Kitty with us in our motorhome travels this summer. It is a fairly large one so she will have lots of roaming room. We bought her a kitty car seat from Dr. Foster Smith's website it is the neatest thing we have seen yet. We tried it out on Saturday, she really liked it. I guess falling asleep in it is a good sign. If anyone has travelled with a kitty before I would really appreciate any input you may have. She doesn't mind the travelling part. She is a little anxious for the first few minutes, when she realizes she isnt' going to the vet then she calms right down. She is an indoor cat so this is a little different scenery for her. Thanks and I am looking forward to your replies.
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Welcome Deborah! Glad to see another namesake.

I haven't personally done any traveling with my cats, but I know some people here have. Hopefully they'll give you some tips. Sounds like she is doing great so far!
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Welcome to the site! That should definitely be an experience to travel with a cat. Have you leash/harness trained her? I would think that would make things fun for both of you so she can be outside with you if you are camping or something.

The most I traveled with my cats was moving about 2 miles (and going to the vet). Trent screamed the whole way and Ophelia just looked at him with the "Would you just shut up? It's not that bad!" look. I'm sure there are better people for advice on this subject than me!

Hope to see you posting often! There are a lot of very knowledgable people with tons of experience to help with just about any question you have about Kitty-Kitty!
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Nice to hear from you, thanks for your input. Yes Kitty-Kitty is harness and lease trained. She doesn't mind that part at all. It will be interesting the first few times I am sure. She is 7 1/2 months old and she adapts to things pretty quickly. She is such a good girl. I will let you know how things work out. We are planning on going away in May, if this weather ever gets warmer. I live in Canada and we are having an unusually cold spring. Two weeks ago we were in the 80,s and 90 degree F temps for about 4 days then it snowed on the fifth day. I am not liking this at all, I want heat. Take care everyone and hope to hear from you again. I don't get much time to spend on the site but I will come back as often as work allows it. Especially when the boss isn't looking. Take Care...Deb
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Hello Deborah! Glad to have you aboard!!

I haven't traveled with any of my cats(unless you consider taking them to the vets) but I'm sure there are members on here who have and will have some great advice.

If you can we love to see pictures of kitties(hint hint).
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Thanks, nice to be aboard. I just love reading all the threads. It is taking some time to get through them all. I am always learning something new. I will be sure to take some pictures. I have a roll almost finished (the whole roll is of Kitty-Kitty LOL) I will scan some and send soon. Regards, Deborah & Kitty-Kitty
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HI Deborah......

When I lived in Alaska, I had a travel kitty or two. Smudge was a wonderful calico and she loved to go in our motorhome and boat! She was harness and leash trained, but many times I would just let her out to roam the campsite while keeping a close eye on her. If she strayed to far, our German Shepherd Brandy was sent to herd her back. It was a wonderful time, and I know she enjoyed going everywhere with us. She would even travel in the car to the store, her and Brandy in the same car would always get people talking about the fact that a dog and cat got along so well! LOL I miss her alot, she was 13 years old when she passed away. But she has left behind so many fond memories.
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Welcome, Deborah. I have never traveled with my cats. (I'm hyper about them getting lost) But I can welcome you to the Cat Site and ask you to keep us posted on your travels!
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But here is Smudge in the RV and on the boat. [IMG][/IMG]
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Thanks for the replies. Hissy I am so sorry to hear you lost your baby. She sounded like a wonderful cat. I only hope Kitty-Kitty adapts to the travelling as well, I just can't stand the thought of not taking her with us. Did you do anything special to prepare them for the trips at first? She is still a little nervous when we take her out but she does calm down fairly quick. I just hope the more we do it with her she will adjust and not be nervous. I always feel like I am putting her through unnessary stress.

Jeanie my biggest fear I have to admit is losing her but believe me she won't be out of my sight. We have a very long leash so she will be on that for the most part. The other one is attached to my boyfriend. LOL
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How cute. What a beautiful kitty.
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I got Smudge when she was 2 days old. I started taking her with us everywhere we went. Because she was so tiny, I fashioned a pouch out of an old pillowcase and some rope, draped it around my neck and carried her inside close to my heart. It seemed to calm her down. I just started traveling with my husband and the only option was to leave her behind, and that wasn't an option.
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Hi, Deborah!

I'm new to this site also and have found that everyone is really nice here. I have traveled with both of my boys in the past. My oldest, Buckwheat is a good traveler. He ususally just curls up and sleeps most of the way. But my other one, Spanky. OH MY! He cries the entire time. I don't know what the deal is, but he doesn't like to travel at all. My husband and I would take them with us to my Mom's in Louisiana. But not anymore. We have 3 now and that just too much to handle. I would be interested to know how you leash/harness trained Kitty-Kitty. None of mine are trained with that and may be too old to be trained now. But I would love to beable to take them out with me. I don't let them go outside. We have coyotes in the area where we live and I am just too afraid that they will get my babies and then I would be devistated! And my little one is deaf so she can never be outside. Something would get her before she even knew it was there. But if I could train them on the leash and harness I could take them on walks with me through the woods and stuff. That would just be too cool! I really don't think you will have any problems traveling with Kitty-Kitty. Especially if she is already riding around with you now. She will expect to go with you everywhere now! ha ha Better run. Hope to chat more with you later. Buckwheat ,
Spanky , Sugar , and Belinda
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Thanks Belinda, welcome, it is nice to hear from you. There really was no training involved. I bought the H harness and just put it on her. She doesn't mind it at all. She wears a collar with her tag and bell on it always. So this was nothing to her. I just left it on her and let her roam around, I didn't make a big deal of it. Then when I knew she was fine with it I attached the leash, same thing didn't bother her at all. Just let them walk around with the leash on (keep you eye on them that they don't get it tangled on something) for awhile and get used to it. Then slowly just start walking with it. It takes some time, Kitty still doesn't walk well with it, but it was more for a safety percaution for us, just incase she did escape from my arms she wouldn't get too far. I am really looking forward to travelling with her. She will be inside the motorhome, I really don't like the idea of her being outside, who knows what harm could come to her and like you I would be devastated if something ever happened to her. I have also been told once they get a taste of outdoors now you have a door dasher and they will try and escape. We are just going to feel it out, so far she doesn't seem to mind the travelling part. I will keep you informed as things progress. Must run. Have a great day everyone. Sincerely, Deborah
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Well I guess that just about covers all the variations of Deborah. ?Don't knock a good thing. LOL
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Hi Deborah! Its always nice to see a new person here. Kitty-Kitty sounds like a wonderful kitten. I'm sure she will do just find with traveling.
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Welcome, it sounds like you guys are going to have so much fun!
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Belinda, I just found this info on another site, thought it might be of some interest to you. I haven't had a chance to read it myself as of yet, I am sure though this will answer your question to the lease/harness training. Take care Deborah
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Thanks for the info Deborah. I will try to read up on that later on. Hope you have a good weekend. Belinda
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Thanks Belinda. Hope you have a great one also. Happy reading. Deborah
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Well we opened the motorhome yesterday, it was still in the fishing mode from BF and his Uncle. I can see that it will take a few days of elbow grease to get it back to "Debbie's Dollhouse" again(as BF calls it LOL). Nothing like a woman to ruin a guys fun.

I figured it was a good time to introduce Kitty-Kitty to her new summer pad. I carried her in with harness and leash attached and left her to investigate every nook and cranny. After she was satisfied that there were no boogey-men lurking around, she laid down and looked up at us, as to say "yeap I think this might be a good thing afterall" . Next week we will do the same and this time put her in her car seat for awhile also. I would say overall things went very well. Hopefully by the time we actually get rolling in this monster, she will be so familiar with it she will still think we are in the driveway. Hehehe. Who says you can't outsmart a kitty.
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