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Find another hobby? Read online comics?


Hope you feel better
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Originally Posted by babyharley
How about some online shopping?

Have you visited the Yankee Candle website yet? I love that place!

Sounds dangerous!

I like seeing all of Abby's signatures. You did a fantastic job with mine!

How about you take a nap for me? I almost wish my dr would order rest for me...not happening lately! So nap for me! Oh and I love Yahoo Games! Cubis2 and Bejeweled are my favorites! I like bookworm a lot too!
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Thanks for the great ideas everyone!

Rest is OK, but no fun when you can't breathe!
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You could have "lost your mind" by now, but oh well. Go out and buy a jar of hot pickled peppers and eat a few. I'm ¾ serious and ¼ joking.
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Beading is sooo fun! So is making hemp jewelry. I have so many necklaces lying around... I guess I have too much time on my hands, and I'm not even sick! Sudokus are also loads of fun, but I have to have the answers handy or I get frustrated.
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Here are the things I do when I'm board: read, write, play guitar (only if you know how to play ), get online and look for new pet forums to join, play with my critters, cross stitch, watch movies and tv, and well.....there's always the option of doing nothing.
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I too was going to sugest Yahoo games. I love Mah Jong!!!
How about going through old magazines and ripping out stuff you want to save??
I do that when i'm watching TV. Feel better soon.
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