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Remembering Willy

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It's been seven years, but I always take time to remember my big, sweet tuxedo boy, Willy, who was PTS on March 3. I'd learned just two months before on a routine trip to the vet that something was wrong with Willy. He seemed fine, but had lost a few pounds. Blood tests and an ultrasound showed he was in kidney failure. Because he was young, only four years old, the vet thought he'd do well on medication. Willy responded well initially, but in his last couple of weeks, he went down hill quickly, growing weaker by the day and refusing to eat. As hard as it was, I couldn't let him suffer and the vet didn't give us much hope. I feel so blessed to have been with Willy at the end, holding him and sofly singing "My Guy." He loved it when I sang to him. Willy and I only had a few years together, but that time was truly a gift. He was an incredibly sweet, friendly and loving boy.
I still miss him and he will always be in my heart.
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What a lovely story Eileen. RIP Willy.
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those last moments of goodbye-you singing to him- always make me cry. I'm sorry you lost him soo soon, what a blessing he was though.
RIP Willy, meowmy will always love you
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Awwww bless his little heart And he'll get to hear you singing to him again one day Eileen

I hope you having fun over the bridge sweetie
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What a lovely tribute, Eileen. Your sweet boy is waiting for you. RIP Willy
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Rest in peace sweet Willy. You will always be loved.
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I am crying, reading this! I know WIlly was very loved. I am giving my guys special hugs in memory of Willy.
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Thankyou for sharing Willy's story with us

RIP sweet guy
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Thanks for your understanding and kind words. Willy was very much loved and so loving in return. He was very special boy.
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Eileen...that was a beautiful tribute to your beloved Willy.
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Willy sounded like a wonderful kitty. I'm very sorry for your loss but I know Willy is happily smiling down on you now. Thanks for sharing the love you two shared together.
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How sweet Eileen. I couldn't be with Tiger when she crossed but I was there right before she was pts, also for kidney failure. She also responded to medication for a bit, but then it was time. RIP Willy.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Awwww bless his little heart And he'll get to hear you singing to him again one day Eileen

I hope you having fun over the bridge sweetie

Sounds like Willy was very very special. Condolences!
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Willy, it sounds like you will promote love and music appreciation at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, sweet Willy, as you watch over your meowmy, until you see her again.
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