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I am so Mad!!!!!

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I thought where I worked didn't acknowledge Administrative Professionals Day (what used to be called secretaries day). Well two people here, the only ones that are considered "Administrative Assistants" got flower arrangements from the bosses! I don't know why this is making me so mad but for pete's sake, yeah I'm a receptionist but I don't deserve a Thanks for all the crap I have to put up with! It really makes me want to find a different job. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and that's why they hired me. Kind of wierd that a company would only hire some one with a Bachelor's degree for a receptionist; the only reason I took the job was because I couldn't find any work! I guess I'm so mad because my old job included everyone who wasn't a manager, supervisor or higher. Why else would it have been changed from Secretaries Day to Administrative Professionals Day!

I'm so sorry to go off, I don't know why I'm taking it this way!
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That would piss me off too!

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I guess the reason I am so mad is because it really isn't fair. If you are going to say "Thank You" to a certain group on a certain day, shouldn't you designate one day for everybody else? It just seems like such a slap in the face to me or like they are telling everyone else "You don't deserve a Thank You"
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I too would also be pissed. When did the name of the day change??
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Sabra- Maybe it is time to find another job. If you have a business degree in administration then you should find something else. I know the job market is tight right now, but it doesn't hurt to look.

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Well, I have been keeping my eyes open but Houston has been one of the hardest cities hit. The whole Enron thing caused over 4,000 Houstonians to lose their jobs. There have been 2 big oil/energy company mergers with a couple hundred involved in each losing their jobs. Hewlett Packard/Comaq Merger is creating job losses because Compaq's headquarters is here. Now, Albertson's is pulling all of their stores out of Houston which is causing another couple of hundred people to lose their jobs. Not a good time to be unemployed and in Houston at the moment.
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Sabra - that really sucks! Having gone from Office Manager at my last job to receptionist I can tell you that neither one is less important than the other. Actually, I think receptionist is definitely the worse of the two. Angry clients always take it out of the receptionist, we are supposed to know everything about where people are, etc. It truly is a thankless day-to-day job. I would be livid too. You can always keep sending out resumes for better jobs. When something better comes along put in your notice and see how much they scramble to tell you how appreciated you are!
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How do you feel about relocating? is a good place to put your resume out especially with your qualifications. Also March 3-9 is Receptionist Appreciation week........
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Thanks Heidi, we really do get the brunt of it all don't we. Well at least I know someone who really knows what it's like. I think what is so frustrating is that while I was in college I was a Student Purchasing Assistant for a school district for 5 years. Even though I was at the bottom of the "totem" pole in the office, they really showed their appreciation and it made all the difference in the world to know that what I did made a difference and I mattered to them.
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Hissy, I have thought about it. Hubby and I have discussed it but because of Hubby's limited qualifications we would have to be sure that he will have a job too. It's do able we just really have to have our ducks in a row which might take a while. I guess I should inform my bosses that they missed Receptionist Appreciation week lol.....
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Well I am an Exec. Admin and guess what my boss forgot! Oh well - personally I think it's just another "Commercialized Hallmark Day" and they can all rather thank me at the end of year with something extra in my paycheck.

I know how hard our Receptionist works and she is appreciated by all of us. We really feel the difference when she is on vacation and everything gets messed up by a temp. We actually celebrated last year when she got back!!!!
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Helen, I completely agree with you. I just think that if you are going to recognize it then it should be recognized across the board. I'm one of those people that a monetary reward is nice but it's not very sincere for me. That is totally awesome that ya'll did that when your receptionist returned. In the year that I have been here the only thing I have heard is "you are doing a good job" but to me actions speak louder than words. If they don't want to do anything for "Administrative Professionals Day" due to the commercialism then at least have something like an "Appreciation Picnic" for the entire office.

I feel like I'm whinning here. It's one thing to recognize someone in front of the rest of the office when they have done a great job on a particular project but to send flowers with a card saying "Thank you for all your hard work" to only these particular people is a bit mean. Another reason it strikes a nerve is that for everyones birthday the office buys a cake, whenever anyone gets married or has a baby the office has a little shower. Why should an "appreciation day" be any different?
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Okay, I'll stop beating a dead horse now
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In general, I agree with you Hell603. It was dreamed up by the card and flower industry. At the same time, in day to day business it is really easy for the admin. staff to just do their work and barely get a thank you. I like that there is a day set aside to appreciate the work that we do. Although, I really like the end of the year little extra something check better than lunch or flowers too!
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Is there some way to bring it up diplomatically with your boss or a co-worker? You spend so much time at work, it seems a shame to let resentment build up like that and not address it.
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Sabra - I can tell you from my side of things that every person in a supportive position makes a great difference. I for one appreciate the filing, typing, phone answering, client appeasing,etc that our support staff does at my office -
so.........from me to you!
:blossom: :girlie:
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Happy secretary's day to all the secretary's out there Yes, it is a Hallmark day, but if you are a secretary and your boss decides to do something for you, at least it's a change in your day.
Working for the Army, there's 2 of us. I am the receptionist/secretary and they have a secretary at the branch headquarters. The whole branch took us out to lunch, so I am not going to complain. It's a little different there because we are the only 2 civilians that work with them.
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Different strokes......

I, myself, have never worked in an administrative capacity. However, I get just as ticked off as Sfell when I do get stuff like a card or flowers. Why? Because I am NOT a secretary, admin asst, or whatever. To me, this reeks of sexism: if you are a woman and work in an office, you are a secretary. This is demeaning to all women, including the real admins, in my opinion.

Besides, all my boss owes me is a paycheck. If s/he "appreciates" me s/he keeps me employed and gives me raises and cash bonuses, if not, I get fired. I don't work for trinkets. Case closed.

But I know I'm a rarity, just felt the need to vent.

Carry on.
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I'm Sorry that they didn't say Thank You Even if you are a receptionist, it should be a part of Admin Day, too, since alot of receptionists do other things than just answer the phones. I could understand why you would be upset.
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Well, I really do appreciate all the things everyone said. I actually did talk to a coworker about it and she agreed with me. I have no resentment what so ever towards the people who got the flowers, because they do work hard. I just don't think the bosses should recognize the day if they aren't going to take the time to thank others that way too at a different time.

What the company I work for does is actually pretty neat! If anyone is interested here is the website:

The Birkman is an assesment tool used by our clients to help screen candidates to make sure they are going to be a "good fit."
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Unfortunately I think it is rare in todays society when someone actually is a "Mensch" and recognizes you for your worth, just by saying thank you. We just do not realize that people will bend over backwards for you if you treat the like an equall and pat them on the should once in a while for a job well done. It's actually quite sad!
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I guess I'm jumping in here to say that I was forgotten too yesterday. I am a receptionist too and I do alot of other things besides just answering the phone, which in and of itself can be frustrating with people yelling at us and asking us if so and so is in or why people don't answer their phone. Ugh! All I have to say is that companies wouldn't even be able to function or know what to do without us receptionists. I was disappointed because alot of other people got cards and flowers and here I got diddly squat! Oh well...I know there are some people here who appreciate me. I did get a few little presents from people here on Christmas. I know people will be missing me when I take my vacation. Its like we are low on the todem pole, yet they can't do anything without us.
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