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Originally Posted by chelle
Hello Everyone

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It's 3:30 pm here and I'm ready TO GO! Only I can't for another 1.5 hours
<- Yes its been that kind of day for me.

Plus it didn't help that we didn't get home until after 11pm last night. BF had a huge ugly thing in his nose and we went to urgent care last night. Turns out he was manifesting a boil and after his blood work came back, they kept him longer because his blood sugar was almost 500.

Gotta love trips to Urgent Care.
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Only 25 minutes for me!! TGIF!! I hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND!!
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It's my first weekend without work so I think I shall catch up in the classes that I havent been really doing the readings on sunday, clean the apartment on sunday.

Saturday, me & José are going for a walk in the park since we havent been without Devin for awhile.

Later tonight Devin and José are going for thier walk at night. After we go see a friend & eat the chinese food ordered (that still hasnt come...)

Just a typical weekend.
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