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Off to the slots!

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I'm up early today. Mom and sister Carol are treating me to some slot machines today. I need to get out of this house after being cooped up for the last 4 weeks since my surgery. Wish me luck that I hit it big! With all these medical bills coming in every day, I sure could use it!!
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Win lots today Susie and have fun
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OOOh!!! I love slot machines! what an awesome day out!
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Thanks Lauren and Sues...........I'll let you know tonight how I did!
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Good luck Susie!!!

Good to see you on TCS again!!!
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Have fun!
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Have a good time!!
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Good luck and have fun!!
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Have a great day, Sooz! Hope you hit it rich!
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<-- Maybe he can help!
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Good luck!
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Big money! Big money! No whammys!
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How'd didya do? or ?
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Well Jan, it could have been better and could have been worse. I went with $100 and came home with $ was my first big day out since my surgery 4 weeks ago, and I'm bushed!
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Well at least you didn't come back with less! Go rest up!
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Hey, you more than doubled your money!

(Pssst, can I borrow some? Or is it already earmarked for kitty treats? )
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Very true Leighann........and Jan, of course I can float you a loan......let's say $5 at 18% interest?
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Oooh- where did you go? Those things are fun, although I know I'm gonna lose.

I go to the casinos here in CT once in awhile. We had slots at our hotel in Jamaica, but I didn't think they were that good as far as pay outs.
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The silly slot machines in gas stations are fun to watch. People put penny after quarter after dime after nickel into those things as if it were their life savings!
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Susie! Gambling is a bad habit! (good thing you didn't go under. )
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Glad you made some money, Sooz!
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Good job making $$$$$$$$ !!!!!
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