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Need some healing vibes here

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Anyone know about diverticulitis? That is my problem right now. Spent Saturday night in the local hospital E/R. Dr. didn't order C/T scan. Got prescribed wrong antibiotic and narcotic pain reliever which was aggravating the problem I had already. Finally got C/T scan yesterday. For next 10 days have to take megadose of two different antibiotics, 2500 mg. daily. Now these antiobiotics are making me feel terrible, nauseous, dizzy, upset stomach and terrible metallic taste in my mouth. This is the standard treatment for the kind of infection I have in my intestines. Everyone please say a prayer and thanks to all of you.
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I, unfortunately, do not know anything of diverticulitis, but I can send some prayers and healing vibes your way.
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I'm sorry your feeling bad. I've had one of those metal tasting antibiotics, when other ones failed, yuck. I hope they get you fixed up fast so you can be done with them.

I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic when I had surgery one time. Made my tummy sick and caused me to be totally restless. I couldn't stop moving. I was supposed to stay in bed and rest and I couldn't. It was really weird. I have never experienced anything like it.
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I have a neighbor who has been treated for it. She says it hurts like crazy.
You have my prayers for a quick recovery.
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I do know a bit about it, my best friend's husband and my boss recently had bouts with it. My boss was in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

I know adding fiber to your diet helps. I'm sure if you do a search on the net you will come up with some good info.

Vibes and prayers your way. I hope you are feeling better soon.
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My grandmother has problems with diverticulitis and I have other GI issues myself. I know how NOT fun it can be!
I hope the ill affects of the antibiotic lessen as your treatment continues.
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Ouch! I hope you are feeling better soon. All I remember about diverticulitis is that it is an inflammation in one of the little pockets of your intestines. If it is extremely serious, they can surgically remove the offending portion of the intestine. That may be when it it called diverticulosis (the illness) vs diverticulitis (the inflamed area).

I know it is very treatable, and you will probably need to be on a special diet to prevent it from coming back.
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My mom has it. It's due to a lack of fiber in the diet. Her bouts of pain come and go... but yes, she has it. i looked it up on WebMB to learn more.

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One of my uncles just went through a bought of this late last winter.
I hope your recovery goes well.
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Sending prayers for a quick recovery.
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Hope you feel better soon. My grandmother had it and had a terrible time with it. Many surgeries due to it. She even developed gangeren from having it. So finish your meds even though they are making you feel ill as you want to clear it up.
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I don't know too much about it...but I hope you feel better soon!!
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I used to work for a lady who had it. My understanding is that the intestinal walls become weak and sort of sag in places, allowing food to get trapped in these pockets. That food and rot and cause infection and pain. So she had to be careful in her diet - no things like raspberry seeds for eg and lots of fibre everyday.
Hope those antibotics kick in good and you're feeling a lot better soon.
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The only thing I know about your condition is what I've been reading about it on this thread. It really sounds like a horrible thing to have. You have my sympathy, and I'm sending LOTS of feel better soon vibes your way!!!!
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Sending lots of healing vibes your way.
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Thanks to all for the healing vibes and best wishes. The pain in my side is still there, but I can tell it is getting better. My temperature is normal now.
The antibiotics are making me feel bad as I said previously, and real tired too.
I can't get off the couch. But my husband is helping out and he is making a trip to the grocery store right now. I have a close friend who has made some food every day for us. So I am blessed and I know it. Just keep the prayers coming. This is the third day of the meds and I am counting down.
The nurse told me the side effects should lessen some so I am waiting for that. Everyone have a great weekend.
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Prayers for healing have been sent. All I ever heard about it is not to eat seeds, including all kinds. Even tomato seeds can cause a flare-up.
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Just posting an update to my thread about the illness I had. I am much better now, no pain or fever. I finished the ten day course of those icky antibiotics that made me so sick. Since then, my doctor has agreed if I ever have to be treated for diverticulitis again, he will let me try another combination of the antibiotics. AND my appetitite has come back better than ever. I am having to watch some things I eat. The meds left me with yeast infections and thrush in my mouth. I am on some stuff for that and hopefully soon will be 100%. Thanks for all the prayers.
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Soooooooo glad you are doing better!!!
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I don't know what it is either, but I'm saying get well prayers for you!
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I'm glad you're feeling better!
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Good to hear you're feeling better I'll still keep the prayers coming.
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