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I often wonder what is really behind some of my dreams. I have even gone to the extent to look at some dream analysis books but the information they provided really didn't give a "true" explanation.

While I was in Middle School and High School I was in gymnastics and then half way through High School, when I had reached to the level where I would have started to compete at meets, I switched to competitive cheerleading. I was very athletic and very flexible, I could do all the splits, several flips, and loved every minute of being a gymnast/cheerleader. While I was active in the sports I never really dreamed about them, but when I started college and even now I continually have dreams about doing different tumbling moves and flips and dreams about how easily I could do all 3 splits. Now, I can no longer do many of these things, so when I wake up from one of these dreams I'm overwhelmed with how much I miss being able to do all of this. As an adult I realize that it's not logical to expect myself to be able to continue to do these things, but I can't help it that I still long to do them. I obviously do or else I wouldn't be having these dreams. I just wish there were some way that I could work things out so I wouldn't keep having these dreams.

So is there anybody else out there who has dreams that reflect upon things that you used to do but do no longer? If you don't feel like sharing openly but want to pm me please do so. I have talked to people like my husband, other family and friends but they have never experienced anything like this. I'm curious to know if there may be any of you who do. I'm not trying to pry, but I don't know anyone who has experienced this and I thought that maybe I'm not the only one out there who has and who might like to talk to others who have.

Oh, and I'm not trying to brag about myself either. If I had been in drama and was having dreams about performing in plays and no longer did so I would be posting about that. I'm just trying to see if there might be other people who have had something similar like this happen to them.
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Sabra, it sounds like this is something you really used to enjoy doing, and maybe subconsiously still want to do, and it is haunting you that you quit doing it. Dreams are so tricky...I never know what mine mean, I have some really weird ones, and also, I dream that my parents are still alive alot.
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I dream about my mom a lot. She passed away a little over 2 years ago. I know that I miss her a lot and really miss the time that we spent together. Most of the time we are just doing stupid things like shopping or just talking.

Not quite the same as yours, Sabra, but kinda...
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Yes, sfell, there are others that dream about things they used to do. At 12, I was an apprentice in a semi-professional ballet company, where I stayed for 6 years. I often dream about that and several other things that I no longer do. Sometimes it's happy and sometimes it's not. I think it depends what else is going on in my life. I have done this for years. My daughter has a book "The Encyclopedia of Dreams" that defines specific images in dreams. I don't know that it is accurate, but it is really interesting.
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I've never had a dream like yours, Sabra, though like Heidi I have dreamed of my parents who are both deceased.

I am thinking, in terms of understanding your dream, is there maybe something else from your past that you don't do any more, but that you could do? Or maybe you miss having more physical activity in your life, though you might choose something different? It could be your body reminding you that it needs activity too. Or if you feel good about your achievements in gymnastics, it might reflect that you are doing well in a different part of your life - or that you wish you were? And of course sometimes a dream is just a memory or an idea that your brain notices in the night.
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I dream alot about my grandmother who died 6 years ago. Unfortunately, these dreams are nice while they are happening but when I wake up it makes me miss her sooo much.

I was very close to my grandmother, she was more of a mother to me than anyone else. When I was younger I used to tell her to come back and visit me when she died, that I wouldn't be scared. I'm not scared but sometimes I wake up crying b/c the dreams are so real. I miss her...

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I dream about my mom also. The same stuff as Heidi, just run of the mill things that I'm not able to do with her. I always wake up with my heart aching.
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I also dream about my mother who passed away in February. Nice at the time but sad when I wake up. I dreamed the other night that I was looking for a better opportunity, not sure what the opportunity was suspose to be, but I searched for it all night and woke up tired.

Sfell, I agree with Debby, it sounds like something that you really enjoyed and and you still want to do it. Have you ever thought about teaching gymnastics?
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I have a recurring dream about a job I used to have. In it, I am still working there. Believe me I do not want to go back to that place. It was the only job I was ever fired from, so I think my dream is my desire to go back and make things right.

It could be your dream is your desire to stay active, as someone else mentioned. Or maybe you miss a time when life was a little simpler. High School is no picnic, but it is a time a lot of people remember as good because they were involved in things, or had more friends, or more time for fun. You might miss some of those things, time with friends, or a club or something to be part of.
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