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7 Cats up for Gas 3/7 & 3/8 - Spalding in GA

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**Kitties up for Gas Euthanasia 03/07/06 & 03/08/06**

Call The Gas Shelter 770-467-4772 to Adopt/Rescue

They deserve more than abandonment ...They deserve a second Chance to Experience Love and Care!

Can you can Adopt/Rescue these 2 kids from Gas Euthanasia? If so, please contact the shelter number above or visit shelter website link below to fax in adopt papers NOW to hold life


and Call 770-228-9785 or email livingproofrescue@comcast.net 770-652-5164

to remove the kitty from the shelter for you and hold until further plans are made.

There are always many more kitties at the shelter not posted on the shelter website..ask the gas shelter what other kitties are in need 770 467 4772


HOLLY B06-130

HEIDI B06-132

HIPPIE B06-134


UP FOR GAS 3/8!!

Hobbit A06-472

Harmony B06-136

Hannah B06-135

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Can I ask - and please don't take this wrong , I am new here and at this but does someone from your group go to this shelter or animal cpntrol place and take the pictures? How do you do it? Do the people who run it let you? The reason I ask is that I saw a cat on another page with a similar ad- saying he would be pts on such and such a date if no one adopted him so I sent his name to another site (the breed specific site for him) and they wrote back to me very matter of fact that some polaces do this to get to people emotioanally. I wanted to tell them I saw it done here but that did not seem right (I mean I did not like to mention a site without permission). So I am not questioning that these cats dearly and swuiftly need homes, just wonderfing why some places have a policy of allowing people to take picx and post them on a variety of sites and others do not? How does it work. I volunteer for a non profit and we take cats from everyhwre - owner surrender, the animal control ppl sometimes calls us, someone brings in a found cat... all kinds of situations - some bad ones, some sad- anyone who is involved in rescue knows of what I speak. I work part time but do this part time (because of having small children, it is how I can work it out) but just wonder. Thanks!! (I felt so foolish when those ppl wrote back, I thought they were kid id rude , I mean all I wanted to do was help - did do something wrong? What do you guys think? My hubby thinks I take things too sreisouly?)
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Well will this one specifically it is Spalding County Animal Shelter (http://www.spaldingcountyanimalshelter.com/). They are really good about keeping their website updated themselves and they have a "Last Chance" section on cats/dogs scheduled to be euthanized that day and YES they are serious. Then the cats and dogs section has pictures and a date they are scheduled. We do have someone that I believe also takes pictures when she goes there if there is someone at the shelter scheduled to be euthanized and not on the website so we can get there picture out to everyone.

I volunteer to do the posting for Save the Kitties rescue. They do the majority of pulling from this shelter for the cats. We just hope on these rescue sites that people in the area will save a cat or donate $$ or sponsorship so we can save the cats.

I do know a majority of shelters let volunteers come in and take pictures though and those volunteers doing that saves so many lives!!

So I guess to answer your question the shelter doesn't ask us to post the pictures, we as a rescue and me specifically as a volunteer have offered to do it to get help. We cannot save them without sponsorship, unfortunately. Before Save the Kitties started pulling from Spalding only 5% of the cats made it out alive. They euthanize in a matter of days there. Since Save the Kitties has gotten involved about 85%-90% make it out alive!!

And I will say I do post pictures because people can relate and feel more drawn to help. People will donate for so many reasons, such as maybe one of the pictures looks like there cat so they decide to sponsor, I don't feel guilty for that, I'm truley trying to save their lives!

If you have any other questions or if I didn't answer any of yours fully, just let me know and I am happy to answer them.
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You can also check out Katherine's blog at:


I'm pretty sure that Gianna or Susan from Save the Kitties asked her permission to post her pictures on other sites.

I do know that on some forums they do not allow this type of posting that is why I asked permission all the time.
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There are thousands of shelters that face exactly the same situation...yet those cats get no attention...no grand campaign. My only request is that if pictures like these upset you...consider looking into the shelters in your area. I know of no state that doesn't have a cat overpopulation and those cats deserve help as well.

Think Globally
Act Locally

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Holly and Heidi are the only two left!!
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