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Some of these might be posted already, but I was cleaning out my photos and these are some of my favorites from Tubalard.

Here he is as a kitten, not much bigger than my shoe.

Here is a bit more grown up:

And here he is, orca whale size.

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Just way too cute Amber!!!
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Him's not fat - him's just big boned. And adorable!!
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Awwww he's gorgeous!!!

Love the last two because it's like he knows how handsome he is
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What a handsome young man he's grown in to and what a gorgeous colour.
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Awww, I love the one of him showing his cute tum tum
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I love the one of him sticking his paw out!
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Not tubby my right foot! He weighs more than my dog! A whopping 24 lbs!
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Zoinks! He doesn't look that heavy!
I love the last one - how could you resist that tummy?
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He's adorable!
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