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I gotta know..............

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Who elses cats snore???? I'm sitting here browsing (ok more like lurking) round TCS and I'm hearing this strange whistling sound. I'm looking around because it could be ANY number of things because we have numerous fish tanks in the room and I thought for some strange reason one of them had something wrong with one of the filters or something, but no it turns out to be Isis from behind me on the chair, snoring away. So it got me wondering, how many of your cats snore??? So far I've only heard Isis do it so only one out of my four so far but I guess I will be checking it out more closely just because I'm curious now.
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My Molly used to snore! We laughed every time we heard it. Haven't heard Abby do it though.
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Grissom kinda wheezes a bit, but Fellini full on snores.
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Sorry I was trying to post a poll but I was slow.... LOL!
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Trent snores. It's the cutest little snores!
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I am so glad to see I am not alone with this cat snoring thing!! LOL!
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Stevie's so cute!!
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Petals snores so loud sometimes it wakes me up! I lay there and think, is that Jerry or is that Petals???
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Petals snores so loud sometimes it wakes me up! I lay there and think, is that Jerry or is that Petals???

Now that's just too funny!!!!!!
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Oliver and his human daddy both snore, often at the same time at night! Tons of fun for me and Emma
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Piper is the only one that snores although it's mostly a whistling sound. We call her 'noisy nose' or 'squeaky nose'. You can always tell when she's asleep!
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I only have 1 and he snores!
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Able snores because his mouth never closes all the way. Limerick does every so's really cute!
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manytoes definately snores!, but usually only when he first falls asleep...if hes sleepin for awhile, hes quiet.
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Kitters snores and moans and even trys running in her sleep! It's so funny!!!
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I have 4 snorers.
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Chuckie and Francine are snorers!
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I've got two little nose whistlers
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I've never heard my kitties snore. I feel left out...
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Gracie, who's normally a very ladylike cat, snores LOUD!
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Simon my Persian is the only one who snores!!! Very loudly too!!
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Kitty snores are so cute! If only my husband's snoring was so endearing...
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Midnight, who went to the Rainbow Bridge four and a half years ago at the ripe old age of fourteen, started snoring during her last few months.

Snowball, who's fourteen and a half years old now, started snoring recently. I'm not sure if that means anything, but I sure hope not!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I only have 1 and he snores!

Harley snores too!
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Only Elmo snores. It's the funniest sound ever.
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Joji and QT snore.
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My cat snores. Sometimes it seems like the cat and my bf are having a snoring contest! My bf is gone on a business trip, and I haven't heard my cat snore since.
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