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The tree

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Following are pics of the cat tree I had for the kitlits. It only lasted about a month and then was destroyed in an amazing display of solidarity and focus of the mind.

As you can see, Jeter was never quite able to drag his tubby butt up the tree. But he did nibble on the base.
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Your sweet kitlets made quick work of that tree.
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Maybe the colour and style were not their their specialist taste?!

Great pictures though!
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Lol..love the pics! Those silly trees never last long in our house. Our 17 pounder goes crazy on them!
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That is soo cute!
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Wow! I hope the one I am working on for Phenom last longer than your did!! Perhaps they were trying to tell you that they wanted a different color!
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We had something similar to that a long time ago, and Sassy (siamese) was pretty much the only one to play with it..
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