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Hi guys.......the latest of TTP & B

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You asked for them, and you got em! The latest of my babies!

Here's my Petals..........going on 4 years old and the light of my life!

In the middle of a bath!:

And my other sweet girl, Trixie..........she'll be 5 this summer. How quickly time goes......
Here she is with her sissy Petals

Taking a little snooze

and then there's our boys.........Tiggy is just as sweet as ever!
He thinks he's "hiding"

and this was his reaction to having his pic taken

last but not least, our little Bailey...He's about 9 months, and full of kittyness!
Caught in another bath

His first jack o lantern

Hope you enjoyed!!
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Bailey has gotten big! You could make a card out of the pic of him and the Jack O'Lantern.

Beautiful pics!
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beautiful as always, Susie. TTP and B are adorable!!!
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Yay, TTP&B pics!! They are as adorable as ever!
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They're as adorable as ever and Bailey has gotten so big!
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Originally Posted by Grissom
beautiful as always, Susie. TTP and B are adorable!!!
Hi Amber! Thanks! Greet seeing you!
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Lol Tiggy thinks he's hiding
They are sooo cute!!
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Thanks everyone!!
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There's Petals in her usual pose.
Trixie and Tiggy...it is just great to see you both.
Bailey...you have really grown sweetie pie.
It is really nice to see your babies Susie.
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Bailey is soooo big!
So great to see you and TTP and B again! I hope you've come back to stay
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Hey, I have that same cat purse!! Good taste

Not to mention kitties used to like to claw at it!!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever

Petals has the most beautiful markings, and she always looks so very regal and poised in her pics!

I do love her face, and the little spot on her chin! All your kitties are gorgeous!
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Oh Suzie it's so good to see your babies again!
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Awww!!, those are wonderful!!

Bailey sure has grown!
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Thanks Leighann and Tracey..........good to see you two also!!
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This one is funny and all of the kitties are adorable. Bailey has got so big too.
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I have to admit that Bailey is quite the big boy now!!!! It's funny how they grow so fast! Cute pics, can't wait to see more soon!!!
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Oh so good to see the crew again! I can't believe how big Bailey is. The last time we saw him, he was just a little thing, and sick, too, if memory serves?

I see Petals is still ever the lady!
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Thanks for the fix, Susie! They are lovely as always.
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awwww.. i missed your babies.. nice to see them growing well...
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Wow, we missed your beautiful presence here in Fur Pics, TTP&B!
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Awwww it's great to have them back in here again
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Tiggy He's like my Sleeves! I love the pic of him hiding in the bag Your cats are lovely
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Carla, that is definitely one of my favorites as well!

Jill, I hate how Bailey, and all of them actually, have grown so quickly.....they need to slow down now!

Dan and Fran......... to yours as well!

Sis, how cute is your siggy!! Your girls are beautiful as always....Serenity has grown so much as well! .

Auntie Sues, they're glad to be back!

Lauren, Tiggy does look like your sleeves doesn't he? I'm sure he's just as sweet as well!
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They are absolutely beautiful.
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Nice pictures. I too wish they could stay kitten size for a longer time!!
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Awww Susie - how wonderful to see your babies again - they are all so gorgeous. We have missed them being here
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Ooh, methinks Cosette's going to have the biggest crush on Bailey. He has grown into SUCH the heartbreaker!
They are just as precious as ever Susie!
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Awwwww yay!! Good to see that Petals hasn't gone and changed on us in that time you were gone, she's still just as lady-like as ever! It's so good to see your crew again! They were missed. Bailey's looking SO cute too!
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