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Janet, my ragdoll kitten to be.....

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My breeder emailed some new photos tonight.... he tells me that Janet is bold and pushy but wants attention and is affectionate.... she sounds like the perfect kitten and the perfect temperment to live in a house of five retrievers....... one mos. down and two more months to go until Janet finally comes home. I can't wait.

learning what every good kitten needs to know.....

I am not so sure that climbing her breeders leg is a good thing.... I hope he doesn't let her get away with murder before she comes home ..... (smile)

beating up her brother.....

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awwwwwwww!!! Congrats!!! She is adorable!!!
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Wow, she is just adorable!
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Oh she is a beauty! When she gets out Meowmie!
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That is so cute! I think ragdolls are adorable.
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Aww... what a little beauty, I love her markings! I'm partial to bicolors... I have two of them, Maxie & Grady are both Ragdolls.
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**EEK** What a little honey! Don't you just want to eat them up when they are that little??

FIVE retrievers??? Do you mean labs/goldens or a type of cat??
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How gorgeous is she!!!! I bet your excited as well because i know i was when i waited for Sophie
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we show and breed flat coated and golden retrievers so we needed an outgoing brave kitty..... we have the five retrievers now 3 flat coated and 2 goldens and we are planning a spring litter so will be breeding around end of may so kitty timing had to be just right for kitten to have time to get settled before puppies come and the house turns to chaos......

she sounds like she has the perfect temperment to live in my nutty house.
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what a complete little angel ..My Ragdoll Blueberry approves ..keep us posted (pun intended)...............BTW, I am using that first pic for today's screen wallpaper...hope ya dont mind!!!!...:o))
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Such a cutie pie! I want to take her!!! She will love all the chaos!
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*dies of the cuteness*
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Originally Posted by sunnicat
*dies of the cuteness*
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Janet is a little doll baby.
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TOO cute! I can wait to see pictures as she grows older
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Oh my!! CUTENESS overload!!!
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OHHHHHH!!! What a DOLL!!!!!!!! You can just tell she's gonna be a gorgeous adult kitty, too!! It'll be SO fun when you get her. Looks like she has quite a purrsonality!!
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Awwwwwwww! She is just too cute! I don't think I could stand the wait! I want her!
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