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genetic advise needed PLEASE

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Hi we are looking to get our first queen.

Looking at he papers it shows that inbreeding has gone on. I need some advise please

her mum called puss her dad called purr


tom maree harry claire

bob gill bertie bettie bertie bettie louise john

then for bertie & Bettie on both sides are leanne & brent & lloyd & kathereine.

is this healthy breeding??

Hope make sence


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The great, greats were certainly doing some in breeding, but not since. You would have to know if they (Bettie, bert) had a dominant fault that could have been passed to other generations. In breeding produces the best of the best qualities and the worst of the worst. Are there champions in the line? Do you know if the breeders are members of reputable organizations? It doesn't look as though the inbreeding went on long. Most good breeders line breed to prevent genetic faults from continuing. Sometimes they outcross, not too often. Of course, most of my breeding for show is with dogs, but I know that father/daughter can be ok at times, but brother/sister can be disastrous.
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thanks for reply

great, great grandfather was a ch.

the kitties father is a ch & his parents are also ch

the kitties mother is not a ch but her parents are and the great grandparents are so is great, great grandparent.

Her brother from another litter is doing very well in the show circuit just got gold.

The breeder is keeping a male as a stud out of the same litter as we are getting our kittie. Which we hop will be our foundation queen.

Thanks heaps for help, I am very new to all of this!


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I don't know what breed you have or what health problems they might have, but with that much inbreeding, I would ask the breeders about that. Are you going to breed? If so, you want to know what genetic weaknesses will get passed on. There are a lot of "double-ups" in the pedigree which will assure that the very best qualities will be passed on. That's why there are so many champions in the line. However, the worst qualities will also be passed along. These qualities may be hidden, recessive health problems. If you're going to breed you'll want to avoid these, and if you want a pet, you don't want to have a cat get ill. I advise you to ask questions before you buy and continue asking for advice when you breed. It sounds as if these people are active and knowledgable. If they are honest, they will not take offense. If they take offense, buy elsewhere. A new breeder needs someone from whom she can learn.
I used to breed collies. I know of a breeding to produce double-ups of the champion female mother. This half-brother and half-sister produced a litter of beautiful collies with excellent show qualities, but the pick of the litter had a micro-thalmic eye-it was useless. The vet had to open it surgically for cosmetic purposes. That pup and one other had heart murmers which would drastically shorten their lives, and half the litter had umbilical hernias. Of course, half the litter was sold as pets with a complete report of their condition by the vet. That breeding should never have taken place. Line breeding-rather distant line-breeding- for good eyes and no hernias should have been undertaken. Both female and male were healthy and had good eyes, good hearts, and no hernias. These were recessive genes.
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It is Burmese cats, that we are talking about.

The breeder I am getting the queen kitten off, she is keeping a boy out of the litter as a stud.

She said the lines are good lines.

WOW I have heaps, & heaps to learn.


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